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When a male cadet at West Point has had sex with a female cadet (referred to as a 'Trou'), he has earned his T-Wings (similar to eating a female out while she is on her period and earning one's 'Red Wings.' This concept of 'wings' is even more applicable at military academies, where cadets that attend Air Assault School or Airborne School earn their Air Assault or Airborne Wings, respectively). These T-Wings are looked at as both a positive and a negative achievement, depending on each individual cadet's belief.
There are several levels of decoration for the unofficial T-Wing award. The higher the number of trous a cadet has had intercourse with, the higher the decoration.
1 trou = T-Wings
3 trou = T-Wings with star
5 trou = T-Wings with star and wreath
10 trou= GOLD T-Wings with star and wreath
Cadet Schmuck: "Hey, did you bang that trou that lives on the first floor?"
Cadet Joe: "Yeah, it was great. I was so afraid we would get double-knocked for having her door closed during AMI."
Cadet Schmuck: "You're crazy, man. Congratulations on earning your T-Wings... Wear 'em with pride, haha!"
by LDR 'O CHRCTR October 18, 2011
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v) to play the popular game, tiny wings, often for an extensive period of time
guy #1: yo, did you study for math? its gonna be a doozy

guy#2: AWW SHIT! i was twingsing till like 2 last night tryna get 20 cloudtouches not in fever mode.
by djskeetznbeetz April 14, 2011
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twing is a male ruler of the twitter kingdom or a male who thinks they are the ruler of the twitter kingdom.
Rick told the twitter community to stop tweeting about the issues, who died and made him twing
by JunkyRhythm June 02, 2009
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Merging of the words 'ting' and 'twink'
Were you with a twing last night?
by NutellaLife April 08, 2015
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A badass dude with a giant dick. Usully has girls hanging all over them. They're mamas boy and love sandwiches. Usually hang with the jock crowd.
"woah. That kid is a total badass and has a huge dick. What a twing. "
by lilywhitetexas February 05, 2010
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BAMF WORD meaning twins plus wings
those are some bad ass twings
by tres y juno December 07, 2008
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The act of eating nonstop regardless of circumstance.
Past participle .....TWed
Why is this work not getting done on time?
Bob has been TWing all day.
by Mike Kaas April 04, 2008
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