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Titusville, Pennsylvania. Place where first oil well was drilled in 1859.
Yo, Lets go to Country Fair in T-Vegas and get a sub!
by mjdailey November 24, 2007
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Meth capitol of North America. Located in Rural Pennsylvania, Titusville was the first place to strike oil by drilling in August 1859. Currently, Titusville is overrun by elderly people, meth heads, and more welfare recipients than any other city in the state of Pennsylvania by 2:1. If you want to have sex with a dog go to Titusville. Just dont be caught leaving town on a greyhound. If you're ever in Titusville, dont make friends with carnies, because they'll rock on your neck and throw you in a snow bank.
Mike:Did you hear about what happen in T-Vegas?

Tom: No?
Mike: Some carney rocked on a girls neck and left her body in a snow bank!

Tom: Was he on meth?

Mike: No, Tylenol.
by Neck_Stompin_Carney February 20, 2011

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