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The best robot imitator in existence.
T-Pains natural voice allows him to produce robot sounds with his face for money.
by Sellious November 05, 2011
27 6
Guy who can't sing
A: Whats that noise ?
B: It's T-pain
A: Oh that explains it.
by KeyChain April 30, 2012
5 1
glasses, sunglasses or shades.

hey man nice T-pains

thanks man you too
by striker williams April 20, 2009
0 4
A loser that often thinks of himself as a good football player and, or a good Halo player ext.
That guy I play football with is a T.Pain in my ass!
by Thomas Maddox January 18, 2008
0 5
one who hits on / tries to pick up the employees.
the bartender, the stripper

how many t-pains have come into the store today?
by laura hutchh July 22, 2008
31 41
A catchy rapper/R&B singer who somewhat resembles Willy Wonka and uses an excessive amount of auto tune, although he can sing great without it.
Person 1: Have you ever heard T-Pain sing without auto tune?

Person 2: Yes he is good without it, but he uses it because that's his preferred style.
by jjrrddnn June 30, 2011
5 24
verb: the act of beating someone or something up for general douche-like behavior

also, the feeling of getting beaten up.
"Dude, I'm gonna t-pain some chads tonight."

"Man, that 3 lbs of bacon is totaly t-paining my stomach."
by Spartacus1085 May 05, 2009
3 30