1) A completely talentless person who is stupid enough to call himself an "R&B singer" because he sings through a vocorecorder (therefore a douchebag), also wears a stupid hat and glasses. Works with Aakon (no suprise there) and has no talent whatsoever and was made "famous" by tons and tons of tarded wangsters (mostly white) and teenage girls from Suburbia.

2) A talentless tool who completely destroyed R&B (which was basically started by decent artists like Ray Charles).
1) I was listening to T Pain the other day and I had to call the Suicide Hotline.

2)douche:"Yo, Homie-G-Funk-Fry-Skllet-Dawg!"
douche:"Yo, yo, yo, check it! I got the new T Pain Album on my IPhone!"
dude:"Great! What a total waste of resources and money!"
douche:"Huh? Big words yo! And I'm gonna go buy Solja Boy and Aakon!"
dude:"Oh great! Aakon and the Chipmonks!
by dhawk123 March 07, 2009
Top Definition
Faheem Najm, an American Muslim hiphop singer from Tallahassee, Florida, currently signed under Konvict music.

T-Pain became famous with songs like "I'm in love with a Stripper", and "I'm Sprung". Between 2006 and 2007, T-Pain found himself in numerous singles and radio-hits such as "I'm N Luv", "Buy U a Drank", "Bartender", "U and Dat", "I'm a Flirt", "Outta My System", "Baby Don't Go", "Shawty", and the remix to just about every song ever.

At around the same time, R Kelly appeared in more songs than he'd ever been in before, remixes, singles, every song you can name.
T-Pain: I'm a flirt, soon as I see her walk up in the club, I'ma Party like a rock star! Right after I buy you a drank, of course. I'm in love with a stripper, but baby don't go, LETS DO THE 2-STEP!! I'm a flirt ok? Thats just how I am, I can't get girls outta my system. Whenever i'm around you I always think of you and dat booty...

Muslims aren't supposed to drink... Yet T-Pain's likes the bartender, and he's so drunk he's falling in love with strippers, partying like a rock star.
by lemonlime1379 June 20, 2007
most people think of the singer but this is testicle pain caused by getting hit there..
Owwow you caused me severe T-Pain!!
by payum zaerzadeh November 09, 2007
A popular music artist. Yes, I say "popular" because he sings on subjects that are inferior enough for mainstreamers, teenyboppers and hoodrats to relate to. Obviously according to this man's music club-hopping is the center of his life, he falls in love with women with ribald job positions (i.e. stripper) and he has a weird obsession with drinks or buying people drinks.

He is NOT R&B. He is the commercial-pop version of R&B. And anyone who think he is the best or "hot" need to die. This generation of young adults need to jump off a bridge.
Somebody KILL T-Pain. Please. Thank You.
by twistedbabydoll September 24, 2007
R&B Singer from Florida. T Pain is short for Tallahasse Pain. Hes signed to Akon's Music Label, Konvict Musik.
T Pain sings "Im in love with a Stripper".
by DetroitTom May 18, 2006
Testicle pain. The pain that results from impact to testicles.
"Hey careful with those juggling balls....uurrrrrrrgggghhhhh....you just gave me t pain"
by nomanature April 02, 2009
The pain associated with listening to T-Pain's music.

If condition worsens, seek Dr. Dre.
There was so much T-Pain at the club last night, we heard Buy U a Drank, I'm 'n Luv Wit a Stripper, and Bartender.
by PizzaHutSuitcase July 26, 2009
1.Titty Pain/Testical Pain
2. A Really Bad R&B Singer That uses a Program called AutoTune Because he can't sing.
3. An R&B Singer That looks like a fucking crackhead.
Danny- You Did You See Usher Sing Yesterday?
Daniel- Yeah! He was WAY better then T-pain!
(Daniel Punches Danny in the Nuts)
Danny- Fk! I got T-Pain!
(Daniel gives danny a Titty Twister)
Danny- FK! I got Even More T-Pain!
Daniel- Dude you look like ur on Crack! You Look Like T-Pain!
Danny- FUCK!
by -Danny- April 09, 2009
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