Similar to t-bagging, with the added action of swinging one's scrotum inside the recipients mouth as if it were the clapper of a bell.
I knocked my balls around in her mouth for a bit; she really likes the T-Bell.
by Terminatorlx April 02, 2009
Top Definition
A shortened Slang word referring to the fast food chain Taco Bell. This slang is primarily used by stoners, alcoholics, and/or anyone with a serious drug addiction.
"God damn it I am SO HUNGRY MAN, I got the munchies like you wouldnt believe... Down for some T bell?
by SDluv0Rrleave May 25, 2005
Slang for Taco Bell a fast food resturante that serves cheap food and is frequented by kid when intoxicated.
We got ripped and went to tbell for dinner. It was sweet.
by That Man September 22, 2005
short for Taco Bell
Golly gosh, wouldn't you say it's about time to go to T bell and buy chalupas?
by Greg Van Arsdale May 04, 2004
Similar to the "t-bag" a male will have his balls descend into the mouth of another. However, rather than dipping aforementioned balls into said person's mouth, the balls are shaken or slammed from side to side in a bell-ringing motion.
I t-belled the he'll out of that girl last night. Really rang my bell.
by Señor ElGuapo August 14, 2009
In soccer, when a player shoots the ball way wide of the goal. Can also be used as a noun (see example)
That shot wasn't even close. Stop pulling a TBell and get the ball on goal.

Stop being a TBell and just pass the fuckin ball.
by Thizzle B. Hyphy September 29, 2006
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