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clothes u wear
i wore that crappy tshit
by lobber October 05, 2003
a lemony juicy type of assoreted catfish burritos that commits matricide at least 5 times a day in a row of 19 minute intervals when the couch grows tall on a wendsday when the rain is purple in Antartica when the temprature is 5 below your mom.
i just bought a t-shirt from the local drug dealer.
by samoth June 08, 2007
proper spelling of tshirt
one your wearing?
by waffle October 02, 2003
A slang word, meaning condom.
I need a t-shirt for protection.
by Tuxedo December 11, 2007
a code name for alcohol. great for use in the car with parents or in school. can also be used to describe flavors
orange shirt=orange flavor
red shirt=cherry
yellow=bannana and so on
i got a new t-shirt. we can take it out for this weekend
by teekay11 December 29, 2007
a T Shirt is about 1.7-1.8 grams of cocaine.
"ay homeboi u got that T Shirt on deck"
by Skizz-Nutt October 03, 2005
A shirt often worn when one is drinking tea, this definition dates back from early english explorers in africa in the late 1600's when these would be referred to as Tea-shirts. Later in the industral revolution, snotty urchins could not spell 'tea' so the word was shortened to Tea
I'll put the kettle on while you change into you T-shirt
by Firerain January 11, 2004