A teener of llello.
(Snow): ey shano, how much u hittin for a tshirt?
(NoDoz): 55 dawg
(Snow): aight bet.
by Snow March 23, 2005
something britney spears needs to buy
Britney: oh no! i look way better topless!
by yoyoy October 01, 2003
A short sleeved shirt with no collar or buttons. Usually made from cotton.
Hey are you gonna get that tshirt you saw at CCS? No i decided to get the button up one.
by Peter October 04, 2003
Stylish and popular outerwear worn by fans of UrbanDictionary.com
yes they can be obtained outside of the United States
by oodee September 17, 2003
T-shirt: also know to women as a "catcher". This is a shirt often used by women after intercourse with their man at bedtime. The T-shirt is placed between the legs (usually from bikini line to butt crack). It works well and is better than sitting on the toilet "dripping" for 20 minutes after a long day.
"Baby, hand me your T-shirt and get me an after sex smoke."

opposite: Nanny's Wipes
by whitetshirtclub February 03, 2010
Often a slang term for hallucinogenic mushrooms.
You got the 20 bucks for t-shirts?


Come over this weeked we're trying on t-shirts.
by allahjesus January 12, 2011
Used to wipe the cock after masturbation.
After a long intense masturbation, I put on a t-shirt.
by C.M. Skirts May 26, 2008

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