sick ass city in ontario canada. Home to some of the finest street racers north of miami.
"I smoked his ghey civic with aprilla RVS mille"
by h4x0r November 16, 2003
tha illest city in Canada and tha biggest city in Ontario. Home to tha finest women, best reggae dancing skills, and best clubing you will eva know. few turfs to shout out, PARADICE rep till death homie! GALLOWAY, MALVERN wuz really good wit that beef? REX, AJAX, BELAMY, DEAN PARK WAYS, wuz really good yall.
if you aint been to Caribana, then you need to reach T Dot in da summa times.

by tha_rugged_child May 12, 2003
A way of saying Toronto used by stupid Canadians.

Torontonians try super hard to get T. Dot to stick as a nickname because they want to be cool like LA, New York City or Miami. Deep down, Torontonians know that their city just isn't as bad ass or exciting as American Cities, so they have to try extra hard to compensate for their inferiority complex.

Toronto's sports teams all suck and the city just isn't very distinctive.
Stupid kids from Ontario, Canada like to wear Blue Jays hats wigger style with the sticker on the peek and hang out in front of their neighborhood 7/11 and loiter.

Most Canadians who call Toronto "T Dot" are soft little Christian mama's boys who have probably never even seen a handgun, let alone touched or fired one. Even the so called gangsters in Toronto, Canada don't live dangerous lives compared to ones in the USA.

Toronto, Canada is like the mashed potatoes without the gravy.
by annoyed-by-phonies-5768 February 19, 2010
(1) acronym standing for "trannies do torontonians".
(2) transvestite jizz.
(3) "secret ingredient" put in Tim Hortons coffee.
(4) reference in Shawn Desman's (Shawn D. drinks 2) homo-erotic song about "rocking out with his cock/ sock out". In this context, "t-dot" stands for "Toronto, Ontario" ... Yo yo yo. I'm gonna GET MINE! That bitch is shizzle!
(5) shit or "scat".
I'm going to the corner to get some t-dot; that she-male is HOT! (1, or 2).

I'm going to drink some Timmie's coffee because I'm in withdrawal from lack of t-dot (1, 2, 3, or 5).

Both Vancouver and Montreal are superior cities to t-dot (4), as are Winnipeg and Pussytown, Ontario.

Last week I was in T-dot (4), getting some t-dot (1 or 5), drinking some T-dot (2 or 3), and then I jizzed out some t-dot (3).

Shawn Desman likes to consume t-dot (2 or 5).
by Jim August 30, 2004
yo reppin till death, PARADICE word up man
where you live at homeboy? holla at cha girl
by tha_rugged_child May 27, 2003
1/6 of the amount boyz. who keeps it "street and raw"
by Shanta October 08, 2003
A way of saying Toronto. Usually used by worthless canadian maple suckers who dream of one day having a city to be proud of. Also, T Dot is a term used strictly by rich, Canadian teenagers who wish they lived in an American ghetto. These teens are yet to discover that saying the first letter of Toronto and they pronouncing a period does not make you a gangsta.
Worthless Canadian: "Reppin T Dot up in here!"

Semi-intelligent American: "I hate you."
by Zuke July 04, 2006

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