when you put your dick in a freaks mouth and dip it in and out.
nashawn williams was caught t-baggin mr. hunkee
by arabthug101 August 23, 2007
When someone puts his balls over another's eyes while he's sleeping.
"I t-bagged that nigga last night, check out the photos!"
by ignitgarde October 23, 2004
When a male human places his scrotum (i.e. testicles) upon another person's face.
"I was t-baggin my dad last night!"
by Patrick December 18, 2003
extreme t baggin, ussually choclate t-baggin, shit on ur balls then bash them across someones face
gareth got a proper T Baggin for his birthday
by t baggin pro March 07, 2008
To throw tea-bags into a cup (oficially known as the "Octagon") from a distance. Usually done in periods of down-time at school or work..
Man..ain't much going on......let's get our T Baggin on...
by TiresiasTS September 06, 2007
A practice in video games usually shooters where one person kills another, walks over to their corpse then crouches over that persons head thus "teabaggin".

See also "corpse humping"
Matt shotgunned James, crouched over his head and yelled "T Baggin". -usually "tbagged".
by HaloGuy September 12, 2005
To place the testicles on each side of the nose while dipping the spoon handle (penis) into the cup (mouth).
My honey loves T Baggin.
by Chew January 20, 2006

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