The art of suckling man luggage
Amy just t-bagged me.
by Rockin The Poi October 28, 2008
Your balls
Hey, that hit me right in the Tbags
by Tbagz August 07, 2003
when one man places his balls on another persons face when they are sleeping/passed out.
Jimmy put his balls on Carters face when he was asleep
by Carter April 13, 2004
When someone is asleep and you stick your balls in there mouth.
I T-Bagged my friend when he was the first one to fall asleep.
by YEA BOI November 29, 2007
a girl who gets plastered everynight of the week at the bar she works at and sleeps with (almost) the entire bar, but thinks she's as cool as shit.
Hey, did you see t-bag last night? She was wrecked, and was all over the new dude in town!
by MM Dixie July 09, 2010
1) The name of episode 15 of Pure Pwnage, which will probably end up being criticized from the emphasis put on black stereotypes for the new character.
2) A character from the show Pure Pwnage, introduced in said episode. T-bag is Terrance Brown's nick name. He is the "motha fuckin halo king of this planet"
1) "Have you seen T-bag yet? It's hysterical, kinda racy though"
2)"Lift, Dip, T-bag!"
by F0ps November 11, 2007
A nickname for a girl who mistakeningly uses the phrase "just t-bag it" for yellowing a piece of paper. Also a nickname for a girl named Tori.
Tori: Hey guys, if you want to make it look old, just T-Bag it.
Jonah: Heheh T-bags.
Ian: Hey T-Bags!
Tori: Whaa--?
by Linay22 January 18, 2010

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