"T-bag" reffers to the scrotum. "T-bagging" oringanally meant putting ones scrotum into someones mouth while they are asleep. The term "T-bagging" is popular from the game "Halo" and it refers to a movement that the character makes by kneeling down over the head of a dead opponent.
John: Haha! Take that t-bag!

Anthony: *mumbles* it wont be so funny when i t-bag you in your sleep.

t-bagging t-bagger
by AP365 April 10, 2011
one who is accustom to having a scrotum placed on his or her forehead or in or around their mouth. Also refer to festering.
Smitty loves the cock so he was named t-bag from that day on.
by Akon da chocolate man February 23, 2009
to put a mans ball sack into a girls mouth or to put a mans crotch on another mans head to show dominence.
He got t bagged like a spider monkey!
by Osma the faggot May 24, 2008
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell is a character on Prison Break played by Robert Knepper. Incarcerated for 40 counts of kidnapping, rape and murder, T-Bag is held at Fox River Prison in Chicago.
He is loved for his dark side and witty sense of humour
Example 1:T-Bag: What's that smell? Smells like....conspiracy
Example 2:T-Bag: Did I say you could talk cherry? You'll know when I want you to open your mouth.
by Prison Break Addict May 05, 2007
Your balls
Hey, that hit me right in the Tbags
by Tbagz August 07, 2003
A brother with the name Travis that is a complete loser. That spoils or ruins an otherwise enjoyable event, esp. when in relation to ruining a drunken stooper. So there for you just want to punch him right in his nut bags.
Dude you t-bag you just threw up on the cake
by Steelers2009 September 22, 2013
an old wanna-be groupie that hangs around bands with her panties flying when they are the age of her children(or the ages of what her children should be)
"OMG! Did you just see "T.ina Sullivan" at the Banderas show???? She's like...my grandma...What a T-bag!!
by LampLampLampLampLamp November 02, 2011

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