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The coolest character on the show "Prison Break".
Never has watching a pedophile been more fun.
Did ya see Prison Break yesterday? T-Bag found a hole.
by Kitty Pride. April 07, 2006
when a guy puts his balls in your mouth
Man i was asleep and some gay guy put his shit in my mouth
by the bean November 03, 2003
1. the act of placing a males ballsack inside a mouth of another
2. a bag belonging to Mr T
2. I found this bag with a "list of fools pitied" inside it, so i figured it must be a Tbag
by Randomdog August 20, 2007
a term used in first person shooter game's used when a player eliminates an enemy player. This action is used on the dead corpse to mock the fallen player by repeatedly performed using the crouch function.
Eric got beat so bad, I swear I remember t bagging him at least 20 times that night.
by mattekim January 13, 2010
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell is a character on the tv show "Prison Break." He is a serial killer and a child molester. He was convicted of 40 counts of kidnap, rape, and murder.
T-Bag is one violent dude.
by Theodore B November 09, 2007
Eric Cartman had a legal contract saying that he could t-bag kyle in south park. but this was revoked by the government before it went through.
Cartman: kyle, you will suck my balls before this day is over!
Kyle: shut up fat ass, the government said that i don't have to
Cartman: kyle i will t-bag you!!
by masterchris101 November 03, 2007
A gaming term used to describe the action of humiliating a defeated opponent by crouching on their lifeless corpse.
I totally owned that noob and then I T-bagged him.
by VonKraut December 08, 2005