A word invented by =WTF= members of the America's Army multiplayer FPS online game. It is the act of inserting your scrotum into an enemy's mouth after being shot, blown up, thermited, etc... Especially funny when they land in precarious positions, when they are acting like bitches, a noob, or even more funny when they are part of the same clan. Even more funny when you let the receiver of this ungodly act know that you forgot to wipe, forgot to shave or purposely shaved your nuts, or any other variation of scrotum modification.
"LOL, hey Baz I just T bagged that fucking noob Dr. Spray and he enjoyed it, what a homo!"


"T-bag, have some borg salted nutz!!"


"Check out this noob with his second account, let's TK him and the have a T bag party on his dead body!"
by =WTF=RiflemanRuss March 06, 2007
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When you dip your nuts in and out of her mouth ..
When a girl is lying on her back and blowing you, you grab your cock and lift it out of the way and dip your nuts in and out of her mouth like you dipping a tea bag ..
by Joe Dirt November 19, 2003
verb: The act of placing one's testicles in the open mouth of:
a. an unconscious, drunk guy.
b. an unconscious, drunk chick.
I T bagged your mom last night
by DeVil DeMonde January 03, 2005
when a young man decides to put his scrotum on another young mans fore-head, mouth,nose, or if saggy enough both eyes
hey tom does your face hurt from the sensless T-bagging we gave you last night, stupid ass...
by Anonymous January 26, 2003
To dip a hairy scrotum sack into another persons mouth.
"Last night I was so drunk that i fell down and a guy unzipped his pants and Tbagged me and some hair got stuck inbetween my teeth"
by Scott and Mikey November 27, 2002
when a guy inserts his balls into a girls mouth
Steve: can i t-bag you?

Tylor: sure u can i love ur balls in my mouth!!
by stebon February 24, 2005
when a guy sticks his hairy balls into a girls mouth or guys mouth
jon: i t baged some guy last night it was awesome
mike: wow ur a gay man
by fil April 05, 2005
tbag is like dipping a tbag in a cup of tea repeatedly, only its your nut sac and a persons mouth instead of a teabag and a cup of tea.
Have another shot of everclear bitch, so i can t-bag your ass in your sleep.
by Gus September 12, 2003
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