to hit a car in the side
i lost control on black ice and t-boned his SUV
by Jake March 07, 2004
To hang ones scrotum into anothers mouth (generally while sleeping), and at the same time have an erection, therefore creating a shape similar to a T-Bone in a steak.
Dude1: Bro! Enjoy your sleep last night?
Dude2: Yea, it was aight i guess..
Dude1: Not feel anything strange?
Dude2: Aight bitch meat what the fuck did you do to me?
Dude1: Bro you got given a MEGA T BONE and didn't even reallise! Check it we video'd it
by Your brotherrrrr October 14, 2007
also see TRON.
Hey t bone you were wasted on saturday night.
by Tron Carter March 02, 2004
a tasty treat that goes well with chocolate milk
he went down on me and really got a taste of my tbone!
by fupaaaaaa January 10, 2005
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