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Small, blonde student matriculating at the University of Vermont
"You know T Bone? She lives over in Moose Hall at UVM!"
by Mooze November 23, 2006
The act of growling and barking n the sidelines of a football game/practice then going and laying out a fagget churchville chili kid who thinks he is cool when he kicks and punches the other teams players.
Holy S*** you t-boned him!
by gcam104 August 03, 2010
A gangsta' nickname that can be used for anybody who is cool enough to bear it. Usually makes more sense if the person's name starts with a T. For example Tiffany.
T-Bone, you got into Harvard; you're a genius!
by gryniof July 04, 2006
generally a name given to someone who is extremely cool and suave, particularly in the act of playing poker
"My man T-bone always wins the game of cards"
by weforgot August 24, 2005
The "T" shaped section of a G-string or thong visible above low-rise pants.
Holy shit, would you check out the T-bone on her!!
by Homer J. Simpson August 24, 2004
Abbreviation for tubesteak; dick, cock
Helen was all over MOCO's T-Bone!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2008
When any male with a first name beginning with the letter T (ex. Tyler, Troy, Tom) has sexual intercourse.
"Hey, what happened to you last night?"
"I got T-Boned!"
by narbtao October 07, 2007