A kid who just talks louder in an argument when he realizes he has lost
"T Bone you know you can get hypothermia for icing your foot for too long"
"Bull Shit it's simple thermodynamics"
okay, your wrong T Bone, but keep telling yourself that
by Brother Bonecrusher January 29, 2011
When you grinding with a girl and you get a full on erection and you flip your dick onto the girls back, as if it were riding it like a horse.
1st Bro: Yeah dude last night i T-bone'd Lauren and Morgan
2nd Bro: What??
1st Bro: Yeah i just swung my hand down and lifted my schlong onto her back it was nice.
2nd Bro: Nice

by Elevendyhundred November 20, 2011
The act of making love while wearing a visor, preferably one with a fishhook attached.
Almost had a fuckin' t-bone last night but da damn fishhook got caught in her eye.
by ender's flame November 19, 2010
1) A very good steak

2) A nickname George Costanza from "Seinfeld" wanted to be called by at work, but Neil Watkins in accounting got it instead.
Everyone is gathered around a large conference table.

KRUGER: Let's order lunch. Mary, I will have a chef's salad.
MALE WORKER: Turkey sandwich.
GEORGE: T-bone steak.
KRUGER: For lunch?
GEORGE: Well, I am just a T-bone kinda guy. Love that T-bone. In fact, you might as well call me--
WATKINS: That sounds good. I'll have one, too.
KRUGER: Watkins, you're havin' a T-bone?
WATKINS: I love 'em.
KRUGER: Well, then we should call you T-bone.
GEORGE: Uh, no. No, we shouldn't.
KRUGER: T-bone!
ALL EXCEPT GEORGE (chanting): T-bone! T-bone! T-bone! T-bone! T-bone! T-bone! T-bone! T-bone!
by corcan November 28, 2006
When a trans man has sex with a man/women wearing a strap on or prosthetic cock.


When a Shemale is on top.
"I get t-boned all the time. My boyfriend use to be a girl."
by Dakaun April 20, 2010
A nickname that sounds cool at first, but later a person realizes why that person is so nicknamed. Especially applicable if that person did something stupid to receive said nickname.
Hey have you met T-bone
No, but cool nickname
Actually he walked into a parked car.
Wow that is a T-bone.
by Jewtang Forever December 13, 2009
Small, blonde student matriculating at the University of Vermont
"You know T Bone? She lives over in Moose Hall at UVM!"
by Mooze November 23, 2006

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