A wacked kid that has tremendously supernatural talents. Can be a little crazy at times, but will be your life-long friend.
I miss my tbone.

Tbone, let's go eat somewhere!
by Loozzuh October 14, 2009
A T Bone is when a man straps on a dildo to his waist on the back side opposite of his penis and a woman is in front of him on her hands and knees her butt facing his penis and another woman is on the other side where the dildo on his back in the same position and he pleasures them by thrusting backwards and forwards
Dude I was Doing a T Bone with Courtney and riley last night
by TBonerking May 25, 2016
The best nickname for any male (if Cool) with a Name that starts with a "T"
Un-cool Male :Hey whats up Thomas.

Cool Male :Hey whats up T-bone
by Drgitmoney January 12, 2011
Sizeable phallus, desired by all women, succulent meat on the bone, nickname mostly associated with the clan McKenna from Co.Monaghan
Turf and surf wasnt on the menu so she was surprised to get crabs with her T Bone
by Ivor Longfellow February 05, 2010
When walking and you hit your side/hip on an object preferably a table.
no need for an example, everyone does it. You probably got t-boned earlier today.
by mysterysaintQ January 21, 2014
When a man pounds a woman SO deep that he's pounding his nads up against her butt - T-boning her...bottoming out.
I fucked her so deep it was a T Bone!
by GroovyMimi April 21, 2009
for a motor vehicle to collide with the side of another motor vehicle
Watch how you drive! You almost T-boned that pickup.(example of T-bone)
by The Return of Light Joker April 12, 2011
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