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Coined by Michael Ian Black in his book "My Custom Van". It is a shorthand word he invented for "it was awesome."
From the chapter "This Is How I Party":

"I twirled it around like a baton and let the majorettes fight over it. Which they did. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. T'wasome!"
#t'wasome #michael ian black #my custom van #this is how i party #awesome #it was awesome
by lefthandedpanda January 30, 2010
Contraction of "It was awesome", coined by Michael Ian Black.
I just got back from Bangkok. T'wasome!
#awesome #twasome #michael ian black #contractions #the state
by needsfishauce December 06, 2010
The meaning of being Awesome, and being on Twitter at the same time. You're sharing your awesomeness with the world of Twitter, thus making you Twasome. Just by updating, you are thus, twasome, if you're awesome, AND ONLY, if you're awesome.
"I just updated my status, it was totally twasome"

"being twasome"
#twitter #awesome #being awesome online #status update #status #online #twasome #update
by Reef Surfer (B.AM.Z.) July 21, 2009
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