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The conlang of Eddy. The þ is a kisslike sound called a bilabial click made by rapidly pulling both lips away from eachother, the g is implosive, and the ç is a lateral click made by placing the tip of the tongue behind the front teeth and pulling the sides of the tongue inward. The language is polysynthetic and highly inflecting with at least 20 cases.
Fiþ, mëisxöf'amëksama.-No, I am your father.

Tqöçiöqstëkafimaa.-I'll never turn to the dark side.
by Eddy June 26, 2003

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This conlang has been heavily modified and barely retained the name. The website is www.angelfire.com/mo3/terrapvlchra
by Eddy September 05, 2003