Tits and Ass. Something really good.
when watching a man piss on an electric fence you yell T & A, T & A
by JL August 22, 2003
Top Definition
A shorter way to say tits and ass.
I can never get enough of t&a!
by Ron Jeremy September 11, 2003
a display of female breasts and buttocks
That movie is full of scenes featuring T&A.
by Light Joker September 05, 2005
Tits and ass (boobs & butt)
Mrs. Birch has t & a.
by Bob November 19, 2004
1)Tits and Ass.
2) a small used-car dealership near where i live.
dude, you up for gettin some T&A tonight?

i dont buy cars from T&A auto sales.the owner's a perv.
by the H.A.H August 01, 2006
Meaning Toes & Ankles. A term used by male expatriates working in Afghanistan to express the sexual frustration by being surrounded only by women wearing burkas.
Damn Mike, There sure was alot of T&A at that flour mill I visited yesterday....
by Meinjbad March 14, 2009
1. basically it means "Tits and Ass". It's the same as B & B (Boobs and Butt). We will never attain sexual equality until women stop looking at men as just what's between his legs, and when men stop looking at women as just T & A. In other words, when the sexes look at each other as individuals, not just pieces of meat or flesh for fantasy.

2. a shorthand for a studio name in Sweden (named "Tits and Ass Studio" - no joke) where some music by Roxette was recorded. Look in the liner notes to some Roxette CDs. I ain't making this up.
1. The cover of "Vogue", the 1990 hit by Madonna shows her "striking a pose" - the view is sideways and she's strongly emphasizing her T & A. Typical of her.

2. The Roxette hit "How Do You Do!" was recorded at Tits and Ass Studio in Sweden.
by Starpunk January 03, 2007
talent & ability (Wm. Shatner)

a.k.a. tits & ass
She helped me with my 'homework', she has great t& a.
by Jake March 21, 2004
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