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The felt hat worn by Zoot Suiters of the 1940's L.A., California.

The hat, usually made out of felt, that goes with a Zoot Suit, characterized as a wide-brimmed hat, tipped forward, with an extra long feather attached to the crown of the hat and extending at an angle backwards.
"This tando looks great with my Zoot Suit! It's the perfect accessory to my suit!"
by Nando A. March 08, 2007
16 2
a mixed drink made with takka and off-brand orange soda
after a long day at work i like drinking a nice cold T and O
by kdawg47 May 15, 2010
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A person that likes tarts , people with piercings , toystory and says : yargh everytime you ask them something .
eg : oh dont be such a Tando !
by tandofan1 November 09, 2010
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