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short form of Trinidad and Tobago
ay bwoi, u ever been 2 t & t?? they got da LIVEST beaches down there
by thug_mami June 09, 2006
Trinidad and Tobago,a twin island Carribean country about 7 miles northeast of Venezuela
I traveled to Puerto Rico,Jamaica,and T&T last year.
by coldsex August 25, 2008
Tuesdays and Thursdays, The days the narcs usually raid the corners where drug dealers be. T n T also could mean the narcs them selves.
I was coming out of the corner store. And T & T jumped out on me and searched me.
by BigDogNjallday January 04, 2009
T&T is short for tanguray and tonic.
T & T is a bomb drink.
by chardog January 20, 2006
tangerine + Tequila 'gold' .
ahhhh.. summer cocktail? here's the best!
by hytham_hammer July 13, 2005

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