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"Twist and Suck". When your sugar mama uses a twisting or corkscrew motion working the manpole while pleasuring you orally. Much better result than her just using the mouth, plus it gets all the "poison" out. The resulting effort should feel if your pecker is about to be pulled off at any moment and the hand print should remain for at least 3 hours after completion.
Dude#1: Hey, see that bartender babe over there?
Dude#2: Yea, what about her?
Dude#1: Go ask her for a T & S
Dude#2: A tea with sugar?
Dude#1: No ya moanbone, a twist and suck!
by frainslug February 03, 2006
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Another way of saying twist and shout, the best/most popular destiel fanfiction (from the television show Supernatural).
Twitter user: t&s more like kill myself
Twitter user: when people say dont read twist and shout they mean it
Twitter user: the side of the supernatural fandom that has dared to read twist and shout is actually dead
by Dmitri Tippens Krushnic December 01, 2013

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