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a piece of shit city. nuff said.
Syracuse sucks major cock.
by you know who October 17, 2004
172 270
1. God's NCAA basketball team

2. A medium-sized city in upstate New York
Cuse is in da house!!!

"I need some kicks. Let's go check out Foot Locker at the Carousel Center."
by Lazarus Ciccone December 22, 2004
667 223
nothing except snow. snow october through may.
last mothers day, it snowed in syracuse
by cuselaxRULES March 16, 2005
505 187
the city in central NY that disproves global warming
damn, i just got back from Syracuse, and i swear this global warming thing is a hoax
by the joshxcore January 20, 2009
382 80
It aint much, but its home
also the weather is nice :P
by big robert December 01, 2004
381 219
Medium-sized city in central New York, suffering from doughnut syndrome (no real city in the middle) has university with good basketball and lacrosse, pitiful football, and a domed stadium named by Carrier that has no air-conditioning (great for winter, though).
Let's go to Syracuse to see the orangemen play some b-ball!
You un-pc a-hole, don't you know they're now called the orange?
That's harsh, dude.
by phildo1960 November 17, 2005
259 109
the best damn city in all of america. and...we got the 2003 national champs in our city. often snowy
man, i wish i could live in Syracuse...they're the best...even with all their snow!
Go Cuse!!
by CuseGirl March 17, 2004
426 307
The BEST city in CENTERAL NY!!!
everyone gets WASTED in SYRACUSE
by P FRANCHISE October 24, 2005
262 166