Most fucking amazing guitarist in the world, his solos will tear your asshole in half, i wish i could keep him cause i want him and his face
Some bitch: hey whos that
Me: thats Synyster Gates you dumb fuck *kicks in the fuckin face* now worship him!!
by adam of the desert November 20, 2007
THE best guitarist to EVER live.
Lead guitarist from Avenged Sevenfold.
He shreds better than anyone who has ever, and ever will live.
He owns your ass.

"Dude! Synyster Gates can kick Dragonforce's ass live!"
by ETF_MCR_A7X_BTF_OWNS! September 21, 2008
The lead guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold, a California Metal Band, also known as A7X. Synyster Gates is the awesomest fuckin guitar player ever, period. He does really diffecult guitar solos, like for Seize The Day, Afterlife, Unholy Confessions, and many others. And he does it all with ease.
Synyster Gates is the awesomeness.Listen to any A7X song and it's pretty obvious.

Praise King Synyster Fuckin Gates!!!
by XSoCutMyWristsAndBlackMyEyesX September 14, 2008
Lead guitarist of Huntington Beach, CA Hard Rock band Avenged Sevenfold. While he may be my personal favorite guitarist, I can honestly say as a fan he is NOT the best guitarist ever, but he is very good.

Actual name is Brian Elwin Haner Jr, after his father who is also a known guitarist.

Is inspired by Slash, Dimebag Darrell, John Petrucci and others which can be seen in some of his work.

Is endorsed by Schecter Guitar Research, along with rhythm guitarist Zacky Vengeance. Has released a signature guitar, the Synyster Custom, and the Synyster Standard.
Synyster Gates is a popular modern day guitarist who is trashed upon by many jealous haters, when in actuality he is actually a talented guitarist.
by outsamahface February 13, 2009
pure awesome.
*insert guitar solo here*...see? your brain has been melted by the overload of pure awesome from synyster gates ....MIND FUCK!
by foREVer synyster October 16, 2011
lead guitar player for avenged sevenfold(a7x). he is a guitar god to some people but is only average or mediocre compared to some other great guitar players. Over all he is a good player for his young age.
synyster gates is a good guitar player
by avengethedead March 07, 2006
A7X (Avenged Sevenfold) extremely talented guitarist, who plays mesmerizing solos and is a Guitar God. A sexy motherfucker!
Preppy Poser Bitch : Who is that cute guy playing the guitar with the hat on?
Me: That's Synyster Gates or rather Synyster Fucking Gates, Guitar God, member of A7X, sexiest motherfucker you'll ever look at bitch! *knocks her the fuck out while moshing to A7X*
by one_warped_mom January 02, 2006
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