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One of the greatest movie villains ever.
When I get too old I'll sell my inventions so that everyone can be super. And when everyone's super... no one will be.
by ChestnutChewer December 05, 2004
A polite term for the symptoms of benzine poisoning. This may include explosive diarrhea to the point requiring a shower. May also result in chocolate rain.
You know, if I had the option to separate Mountain Dew and the Syndrome, I'm not sure I would.
by Apalled. March 27, 2009
A word used to describe a hyper, A.D.D., six-year-old-like behaviour.

Can be shortened to the word "syns."
That kid watching Pokemon is so syndrome.

Your little brother is so syndrome, he tried to stab me with a plastic Power Ranger sword.

Tell your syndrome friend to stop breaking things in my room.

He is so syns.
by Harrison Ziv July 18, 2006
noun. A person with unlikeable social peculiarities that prevents most people from developing a close relationship with him or her.

A person who is the embodiment of unlikeable qualities.
I have known my brother-in-law for over eight years and I still can't like him. He is a syndrome.
by koozagar July 28, 2011
The idiot villain from The Incredibles who really should have fought more.
I would have loved to see Mr. Incredible go Bruce Lee/Jet Li/Jackie Chan all up in Syndrome's ass.
by Marcus Reed August 20, 2006
That intense feeling of paranoia that you suffer when you're not sure where you stand with a girl you like
ted> dude i really like this chick and it's really eating me up inside
dave> dude you've got syndrome man
by zeocrash April 20, 2005
1. The villian from The incredibles.

2. Special needs.
1. Syndrome has a huge dick!

2. I have downsyndrome.
by Ghiz March 07, 2005