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Syia is a beautiful and loving girl. Her eyes you could get lost in and her smile can light up a whole town. Her laugh is infectious. She is passionate and a dreamer.

Syia is funny, loving, and caring. When she walks into a room, everyone's breath is taken away. It's hard not to notice her presence.

She's creative, fun, childish, random and sometimes just plain silly. She has a soft spot for animals especially bunnies.

She acts like nothing is wrong, and hides how she is really feeling. Instead, she goes all out to make everyone else smile.

Syia is loyal and protective over the people she loves. You mess with the people she care about, she will hit you back twice as hard.

She may come off as mean, sassy and has a smart mouth but when you get to know her you'll fall in love with her no doubt. Her sassiness and smart remarks are no doubt one of the things you'll love about her.

You can't help but love all her imperfections.
"Who is that girl? She's got everyone in the room staring at her."

"That's Syia."
by sunshinesandsmiles May 10, 2014
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