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A silly and goofy girl. Are very pretty and good at cheering people up. Sydni's always make having a good time easy. Are crazy and can always be your home skillet biscuit. Are good at giving advice and laugh at things that most people wouldn't find funny. Sydni's come off very proper but also have a hood side.
That Sydni girl is MY HOME SKILLET BISCUIT!!
by tweetytweet August 17, 2012
THE ABSOLUTE SHIT. probably one of the funniest person ever. loves the pile. loves her friends and the 508 ;). is a nasty baller. dont get on her bad side, she will probably fight you. my best friend in the world.
sydni is da shyt playa
by sexy bitch. September 23, 2009
A wonderful person who may seem quite if u dont know her but once u do she is badass and doesnt give a fuck about anybody or anything she does her own thing and always no matter what is a BAMF
Guy 1 sydni is so quiet
guys 2 noo she is a bamf and awesome
by misskoolcat November 09, 2011
Sydni in other words known as Sydni Jo
Is he best girl in the world with a very nice ass that I like to grab and squeeze and touch.
Sydni is awesome!!
by ur he-bitch April 02, 2003
the only bitch that is hot enough to be tolerated
Sydni is such a cunt, but shes fuckin sexy
by merveperve January 01, 2010
God in his human form, also known as a bamf and soon to be a milf. Sydnis are loved by all except by their computers who think they are whores because their computers suck dick.
i just prayed to Sydni to save my life; and it worked!
by Cowimamoo November 23, 2009
cock licker that insesintly talks about how cool they are how many ladies they get haha yeah wat a fag that syndi is
that sydni just gave me a 5cent bj and it was goooood...
by Cptn Mexico February 04, 2005
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