Is irresistible yet moody. Talks a lot and has her own opinions which can't be altered easily. Anyone who comes into contact with her will be immediately begging her to be their best friend. She loves when people listen to her but can sometimes be shy in front of large crowds. She can be very persuasive and she uses this to her advantage. She wants to love somebody but when she finds that perfect person she is afraid to open her heart and say YOLO.
by InLove123 December 06, 2013
Sydney is a word that describes a woman. Not just any woman, but the perfect woman. When I think of Sydney, I think of the beautiful woman with long hair, brown eyes, and killer good looks, that i have fallen in love with. She controls your every movement, you life. She makes you feel as if you are the only person in the world. From the first night you met her, she takes your heart in her warm embrace and you pray to god that she will never ever let go of it, because she is the only woman that you trust with it. She is what every song is talking about, shes what you think about to get you through the day, shes your power song to finish working out, and she makes you a better man just by walking on the same Earth as you. You had better be happy that she even allows you into her life, because her life is the most precious thing that you will ever have the honor of taking care of. I love you Sydney Erin Kimball. <3<3<3
"Whenever I think of Sydney, my life seems to fall into place" <3
by hcgareis821 October 03, 2013
1. The cutest, nicest person ever who has a personality that everyone wants to get to know.

2. Someone who is vulnerable to getting their number given to some guy that likes her by one of her friends

3. Someone who will get texted tomorrow (April 21) about their birthday
Sydney walked by, making everybody gasp in awe.
by Mega Creeper April 20, 2013
an amazing, funny, beautiful, adorable girl that everyone likes :)
sydney is so amazing!
by jakeeenipples February 06, 2012
Sydney is the capital city of the Australian state of New South Wales and Australia's largest and oldest city, founded in 1788. With a metropolitan area population exceeding 4 million and a population of approximately 170,000 people in the city proper (known as the "city of Sydney"), the Sydney metropolis is the larger of the two main financial, transport, trade and cultural centres of Australia.

Sydney is a significant global and domestic tourist destination and is regularly declared to be one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world, admired for its harbour, beautiful coastline, warm and pleasant climate and cosmopolitan culture. Sydney significantly raised its global profile in recent years as the host city of the 2000 Summer Olympics.
The city's name is pronounced "SID-nee", IPA: /&#712;s&#618;dni/.
by proletariat May 22, 2005
Sydney is a girl that u want as ur friend. Shes nice, funny, and is usually blonde. Get off the f***ing couch u lazy as*holes and get sydney as ur friend!
"wow Tyler is so lucky to have sydney, how did he get her again?"
by T-RAZZ-U_N00B9912 October 26, 2011
A silly, beautiful young girl. Loooong, brunette hair. Innocent, deep brown eyes anybody could get lost in. Is always giggling and laughing at herself and her strange antics. Constantly moving. Is very innocent and easily confused. Very motivated to do her work right and responsibly. Is a fun girl anybody can laugh with. Has a heart of gold that is easily broken. Fragile but nobody would guess from the outside. Super fun to he around, and brings a light air to the room.
Oh, Sydney, you're so silly! What did you do now…?
by Bevan marshy February 24, 2015

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