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Sydney is a city in Australia, New South Wales.
I live in Sydney!
by Erraggarn October 17, 2012
A very beautiful, out-going girl. Her love is one you'll never find again, but it's extremely difficult to control. She is in-love with only one person, but her heart tends too wander towards other men as well. She's very hard to keep balanced, but if you can find just the right touch, it's the most amazing feeling in the world. If you offend her though, she won't tell you. Instead she'll hold it inside and use all her time too destroy you. Be careful
1.Very beautiful
3.Very combustable
by ViperC July 02, 2012
Largest Australian city, noted for the beauty of its harbour, particularly the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Also noted for some excellent beaches, including Bondi and Manly. Downsides are an uninspiring CBD, tourist traps around the harbour and The Rocks, sprawling unattractive suburbs, congested roads, diabolical public transport and high crime rate. Like a girl with a beatutiful face but an average body and, some would say, not much soul. A really fantastic place to vist, but unless you live in the very best suburbs (i.e. unless you are pretty affluent), not necessarily a fantastic place to live.
Sydney is beautiful on the suface, but it lacks depth.
Sydney is all about the beaches and the harbour - make sure you live close to them!
by LondonCopenhagen February 12, 2011
One - A city in Australia.
Two - A name, usually the feminine way of spelling Sidney.
Ashley: Amanda, I can't believe we're going to Sydney! Imagine all the hot Aussies!

Travis: Hey, Sydney, can I borrow a pencil?
by Sydney. July 26, 2008
Is irresistible yet moody. Talks a lot and has her own opinions which can't be altered easily. Anyone who comes into contact with her will be immediately begging her to be their best friend. She loves when people listen to her but can sometimes be shy in front of large crowds. She can be very persuasive and she uses this to her advantage. She wants to love somebody but when she finds that perfect person she is afraid to open her heart and say YOLO.
by InLove123 December 06, 2013
very talented, amazing and usually does theatre. She is meant to be on broadway, and she will be one day. She is gorgeous, and has a lot of friends. Everyone wants to be like her. She can make you laugh until you piss your pants, and help you when your sad. She is always ther for you when you need her but if you hurt her your done. No going back. She always ends up getting hurt, but she keeps going. She is a strong girl, bubbly personality and shines. She will be your best friend or your worst enemy. Dont get on her badside! She loves helping people out!
"Is that sydney? She's amazing!"
"Sydney is an amazing singer, she is so good she should be on broadway one day!"

"Star on the rise"
"Man I'm happy to be sydney's boyfriend"
by svogel21 November 27, 2013
1. The cutest, nicest person ever who has a personality that everyone wants to get to know.

2. Someone who is vulnerable to getting their number given to some guy that likes her by one of her friends

3. Someone who will get texted tomorrow (April 21) about their birthday
Sydney walked by, making everybody gasp in awe.
by Mega Creeper April 20, 2013