She i sometimes shy, but she has inner beauty and talent that she doesn't even know. She often is inappropriate, but not so much that no one wants to be around her. She has siblings. Often a rose hidden in thorns. She is to easily overlooked. She is very loyal to her friends. Every now and then make a boy fall head-over-heals for her. Often rejects boys, searching for the right 'first time' (if you know what I mean). Not often asked out, but admired by all, boys and girls. Has a French name meaning wide meadow (?). Is very beautiful, not hot or cute. Can also be described as gorgeous. Has too many friends to count. Or the other way around, too little. Has great hair. Eyes that can be described as weird and beautiful at the same time. Will take over your heart without mercy.
Your friends with Sydney right? Can I join your group?
by I know all about Sydney January 26, 2014
Is irresistible yet moody. Talks a lot and has her own opinions which can't be altered easily. Anyone who comes into contact with her will be immediately begging her to be their best friend. She loves when people listen to her but can sometimes be shy in front of large crowds. She can be very persuasive and she uses this to her advantage. She wants to love somebody but when she finds that perfect person she is afraid to open her heart and say YOLO.
by InLove123 December 06, 2013
Sydney is a girl that u want as ur friend. Shes nice, funny, and is usually blonde. Get off the f***ing couch u lazy as*holes and get sydney as ur friend!
"wow Tyler is so lucky to have sydney, how did he get her again?"
by T-RAZZ-U_N00B9912 October 26, 2011
Sydney is an adorable girl with a happy attitude and a spirit for adventure. She tends to be shy in certain situations, yet super outgoing in others. Sydney is athletic and very strong-willed and hardworking, specifically an amazing runner. She's super competitive and lets nothing get in her way. She doesn't see what others see in her, yet she is usually confident. Blonde, greenish-blue eyes and average height. Sydney is VERY music obsessed and artistic. She lives for a good book, and enjoys writing them as well. She's highly intelligent and has a big vocabulary, she's very good in school. Sydney is DEF the best person to have deep conversations with. It's hard for Sydney to say no, as she's really nice and almost too kind. :) She is also very smiley and positive in every situation. She says it like it is, and is upfront about everything. Sydney is never afraid to be her unique, hyper, random, and kinda crazy self. The best part about her though? She has this contagious vibe of happiness and fun that she passes on to everyone else. If you're EVER lucky enough to talk to a Sydney, go for it. You won't regret it, she'll change your life for the better. :)
Sydney and perfection are synonyms fo shizzle!
by 18marras July 29, 2014
A smart, beautiful girl that could be stuck up at times. Annoying in some ways, CLINGY, and dramatic. Who always wants to make people happy, and tries to be popular. Sensitive in every way, and doesn't like being away from home. Can get jealous at times, and very rude. Has tempers and gets physical when she doesn't get her way. Makes up excuses and tries to lie about them, and tries to have every boy in the world.
Friend ; "wanna spend a night at my house?."
Sydney ; "I can't....i have soccer practice."
Friend ; "So do you wanna sleep over on Saturday?."
Sydney ; "I can't..I have to babysit"
Friend ; "-mumbles- excuses excuses."
by BiffleIsAwesome July 28, 2014
1. The cutest, nicest person ever who has a personality that everyone wants to get to know.

2. Someone who is vulnerable to getting their number given to some guy that likes her by one of her friends

3. Someone who will get texted tomorrow (April 21) about their birthday
Sydney walked by, making everybody gasp in awe.
by Mega Creeper April 20, 2013
Sydney is long for Syd. Sydney is the sweetest girl you'll ever know and is exemplary of the perfect, preppy, Catholic white girl from VA. However, you can't forget her East Texas, smokin' hot, badass mofo side. Who was the first one to break the 'no texting in class' rule? Sydney.

If you are Irish or observe Irish customs, she's the one who invented Irish dancing. She's a genius who's as boastful as Usain Bolt is humble. If you ever compliment her, she'll be sure to deny it. Sydney was offered a $50 Million dollar contract from Barcelona to play soccer, but she didn't want to embarrass Messi on international tv. How much do you bench? Not as much as Sydney. When she flexes her arm you die a little inside and are forced to ask yourself "Do you even lift?" Her athleticism is unmatched; her quickness is unparalleled. But, her figure is still flawless, not like any of those jacked female Olympic swimmers. In actuality, Sydney is a goddess reincarnated. The second you catch a glimpse of her you'll never forget her dazzling green/hazel eyes, perfect skin, or hypnotizing smile. You'll never forget to brush your teeth and shower in the morning because of the off-chance that you might be lucky enough to meet a Sydney.
History Teacher: "Who founded Irish dance?"
Student: "Was it Sydney?"
History Teacher: "A+ for you."

Bro1: "Did Sydney win the gold for the 100m dash?"
Bro2: "Yeah, just like she did for the past two Olympics."

Jimmy: "Today at Vineyard Vines this crazy-hot girl let me cut her in line because I was in a hurry and I haven't stopped thinking about her since."
John: "Damn, she was a Sydney wasn't she."
by Fitz-ger-ald April 14, 2013

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