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This is a city in New South Whales, Australia, that thinks they are greater than every other state capital, because apparently Melbourneites are depressive emo kids who are all drug addicts, Perth is famous for a high crime rate and drink driving and being fuck in the middle of nowhere, Darwin is filled with drunks abo's and bogans, Hobart is full of two headed inbreeds and homosexual greenies, Brisbane is full of people who have sexual intercourse with pineapples and banana's and finally that Adelaide is full of people who will just try to kill you. So Sydney what do you have? You have more cocaine than Columbia so stop calling Melbourne full of drug addicts.
You have the highest gang violence and crime incidence AND prevalence, so stop calling Perth full of crime lords.
You have the highest rate of aboriginal, bogan and unemployed persons in Australia, so quit your bitchin about Darwin.
Hobart is full of two headed inbreeds i will give you guys that one.
There are more sluts with cucumbers and various other phallic shapes vegetables up themselves on internet sites than any other state, if you deny this, just log onto any porn site, guaranteed sidebar advertisement of 'Horny teen slut from Sydney willing to stick anything up their twat just for you!"
You had Ivan Milat, so stop talking about people in Adelaide killing people for no reason.

Oh and ACT is left out because they really aren't even a state or territory in most people's opinion.
Melbourneite: Hey man whats going on this weekend?
Brisvegasian- Just going down to Sydney to laugh at homeless bogans
Adelaidian- Watch out for their serial killers
Darwin abo- Yeah make sure you don't get injected by one of their drug dealers while walking the streets!
by Sydney<everywhere March 04, 2011
Easily the cutest girl youll ever meet. Once you look into her eyes therell be no going back. <3 . Shes wild, unpredictable and really wierd, but shes worth the ride. She often pretends to be a sea lion or cat but thats what makes her a sydney. She doesnt see much of herself, yet everyone around her likes her instantly. She cares too much about what others think of her, even strangers, although she shouldnt have too. She doesnt realize that every one of her flaws makes her even more perfect. Shes sexual and good at it; she can tease and get dirty yet shes also the type of girl that youd want to just embrace and hug her for ever. Shes a loyal friend who you can talk too about anything and everything for hours at a time. shes a hotty with a body, and a cutie with a booty. Shes more addictive than any drug, you wont be able to stop talking to her. You cant get mad at her even if you try. Shes beyond adorable but also sexy, boys come in options for her. But theres this one boy thatd like to keep her for himself. He likes making her laugh just to see her smile. He thinks about her all the time, and cant possibly even think about hurting her. Hed literally do anything for her. Shes his everything. Shes simply perfect.

shes also very loveable, so awsome and so fluffy.
Is she cute? she must be a sydney
"bro shes really wierd, I think she tried too moo at me." "typical sydney"
by Blarrfub December 11, 2013
Sydney is a word that describes a woman. Not just any woman, but the perfect woman. When I think of Sydney, I think of the beautiful woman with long hair, brown eyes, and killer good looks, that i have fallen in love with. She controls your every movement, you life. She makes you feel as if you are the only person in the world. From the first night you met her, she takes your heart in her warm embrace and you pray to god that she will never ever let go of it, because she is the only woman that you trust with it. She is what every song is talking about, shes what you think about to get you through the day, shes your power song to finish working out, and she makes you a better man just by walking on the same Earth as you. You had better be happy that she even allows you into her life, because her life is the most precious thing that you will ever have the honor of taking care of. I love you Sydney Erin Kimball. <3<3<3
"Whenever I think of Sydney, my life seems to fall into place" <3
by hcgareis821 October 03, 2013
an amazing, funny, beautiful, adorable girl that everyone likes :)
sydney is so amazing!
by jakeeenipples February 06, 2012
Sydney is a girl that u want as ur friend. Shes nice, funny, and is usually blonde. Get off the f***ing couch u lazy as*holes and get sydney as ur friend!
"wow Tyler is so lucky to have sydney, how did he get her again?"
by T-RAZZ-U_N00B9912 October 26, 2011
A beautiful, talented girl with the voice of a mermaid/songbird/angel/otherthingwithamazingvoice and she usually takes her pleasures with peanutbuttercup pie from Bakers Square. Delicious.
Woah, did you hear that Sydney? She must of knocked Dr. Brown's sock off.

Yeah, I'm friends with Sydney. No big deal. You're just super jealous.

by bakerssquare August 08, 2011
very talented, amazing and usually does theatre. She is meant to be on broadway, and she will be one day. She is gorgeous, and has a lot of friends. Everyone wants to be like her. She can make you laugh until you piss your pants, and help you when your sad. She is always ther for you when you need her but if you hurt her your done. No going back. She always ends up getting hurt, but she keeps going. She is a strong girl, bubbly personality and shines. She will be your best friend or your worst enemy. Dont get on her badside! She loves helping people out!
"Is that sydney? She's amazing!"
"Sydney is an amazing singer, she is so good she should be on broadway one day!"

"Star on the rise"
"Man I'm happy to be sydney's boyfriend"
by svogel21 November 27, 2013