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1. Noun; The anitchrist.

2. Adj; Frigid, austere, affectionless and infinitely sarcastic. Eats snark for breakfast. Beautiful in the 'Unattainable' and distant sort of way.
1. Hi, my name is Sydney. If you'll excuse me, I have to bring about the end of the world. Thank you.

2. I've never met a person so Sydney.
by Miranda10987 February 01, 2009
Capital city of NSW, Australia. Very inferiour to Melbourne, capital city of Victoria.
Sydney has become very infatuated with AFL since its rep team, the Sydney Swans, won the AFL's highest team honour, the Premiership Cup. Previously, Sydney hated AFL. Could only get its own football team when one of Victoria's couldn't make a enough money to keep going. got draft and trade concessiond, like Brisbane, to keep going. That is why both teams are such powerhouses (or former powerhouses) when it comes to football. We've just gotta wait a couple of seasons for a victorian team, (eg Melbourne, Collingwood, Richmond, Hawthorn) to show them exactly where the games real supporters are.
Basicly, Sydney is a complete rip-off of Melbourne. They are fake football supporters!
Go Demons!
by Ame November 12, 2005
a random girl, who eats her sister's granola bars secretly. also, likes to play with yarn. desires to be a nigga, hates school, likes to paint her nails blue. usually is a good kisser, likes to use the word booty, and should be your new best friend!
sydney: look at that booty!
sydney is gettin her groove on.
by sydney!!!!! May 12, 2008
Sydney = State of the Art
Melbourne = sucks
Sydney = Opera House
Melbourne = Federation Square ??? Sucks ...
by Els_unsw November 11, 2006
A certain girl who has cooties and likes to be backhanded
Sydney Collins

<a href="http://tinypic.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i37.tinypic.com/2nh49jd.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>
by Domo159479 October 17, 2008
An alien like creature with a small ass and hairy thighs. It's found in history books worldwide.
"oh my god! what is that ugly thing over there?!"

"that's a sydney."
by afoopolodon June 07, 2009
gross fat nipple eater.
enjoys picking fat childrens noses
whoa that sydney just ate my nipple!

ouch my nose, stupid sydney
by dfg64 October 15, 2008