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Drunk ass hoe. Fucks anything with legs and a penis, and is often paid for it. Also comonly known as a cunt muffin whore.
" she was a total sydney last night."
"Damn drunk ass hoes."
by jayjay983 May 25, 2011
an extremely slutty bitchy girl that all the guys will fuck, but no one actually wants or respects

a girl that thinks she is way hotter than she is, everyone actually sees her as a pathetic loser
Guy: yo man, look at that chick over there. she is so hot!

Guy 2: ew nah man, she's a total sydney. I guess i'd fuck her, but she's gross and i would never want to date her.

Guy: oh your so right! good call!
by bittybaby145 July 13, 2011
The scum city of Australia. All Sydney is, is a beach, an opera house and a bridge. Shit sports, rude and arrogant people (they think they are top shit when really, nobody likes them), ugly opera house and coat hanger, drive by shootings, stabbings, massive brawls between gangs and on innocent people, kidnappings, rape, and all of that in just one night.
The inner city is dirty, graffiti everywhere, homeless people, and drunk hooligans. FAIL!!!!! All other cities in Australia are clean, and have happy people. The western suburbs are just totally crime ridden. It's where all the scum live.
The weather doesnt change at all in Sydney - hot and sunny all year round. That can get very frustrating. If you want to experience real weather, dont come to Sydney, go down to Melbourne, Hobart or Adelaide.

Sydney has become a Melbourne wannabe, by trying to adopt their cafe/laneway culture, but failed. We are just becoming desperate.

As a Sydney-sider, I can proudly say.....I HATE SYDNEY! and you should too. Someone clear this waste of space and make something useful out of it!!!!!
Person 1: Hi, I am from Sydney, unfortunately.
Person 2: Oh, you poor bastard. Get away from me, scum!
by gonnaleavesydney February 18, 2010
A male or female that has only one objective in life:
to cock block the shit out of guys who are about to get it in with their girlfriends
"Yo dude me and my girlfriend Shannon were about to get it on and guess what happened!"


"A SYDNEY came and cock blocked the shit out of me!"

"Awwwuh Sheeiit!"
by Hypethetic April 02, 2009
A smart determined female that has her head on straight. She is often not noticed unless someones homework is in need of doing. She sometimes reminds people of the toritis of the "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop" comercial.
Dumb kid: Hey have you seen...what's her name..Sydney!?!

Other kid: The one that looks like that tortis, no why?

Dumb kid: I need Sydney to do my homework.
by LordWaffleKisses October 26, 2009
Amazing hot asian girl with a tight vagina with nice boobs. very funny. sexy.

she is the best person you will ever meet and always has nice things to say about you. she is very sexual. she loves to party and cuddle. she loves scary movies and a sexy man named jake. (she wants his penis) she has a great personality very funnny and sarcastic she knows how to take a joke and give jokes. she is the has the most beautiful eyes and smile. she has amazing hair. she has a really really nice ass. the girl i love.
the girl you meet and she just makes u speechless she is that amazing. sydney gives me a boner
by LAK16 November 18, 2010
A disgusting, drity, horrible city in Australia.
Sydney is over-populated with gays, and trannies.
Sydney is nothing compared to Melbourne.
Sydney is the arogant older brother of melbourne, who this that hes greater, When in actual fact, Melbourne will soon have a greater population, and already has a better city landscape and a more sustainable economy and lifestyle.
by CavDogg October 25, 2008