A city in Australia who's people didn't understand why Melbourne was threatened by terrorists when Sydney wasn't. and btw Sydney is not much warmer than Melbourne in winter. get over it!
Sydneysider: why would neone want to bomb Melbourne? *sobs*
Melbournian: coz its the shiz
by melbourneroxmasox August 16, 2006
Sydney is in Australia and was a place originally to dump convicts from Britain. Now it is the home of many people and from many countries.

Anyway, it gets really hot during Summer and it's not very comfortable.
Sydney has been undergoing urban renewal in several suburbs in hopes of making Sydney an ecologically sustainable development, which is practically making Sydney a better place to live in now and in the future.
by Bubblemon May 28, 2005
Nice to look at, horrible to indulge.

A sprawling, openly fun, flamboyant yet hollow and unsophisticated city with its heart stuck in the 80's that focusses upon itself as central to Australia due to it being the largest and most photogenic city in the country also the southern hemisphere. The focus is upon a wonderfully iconic looking bridge that suffers bottleneck traffic and an amazingly unique looking Opera House that is unfortunately acoustically unsound along a chic bay of houses throwing up millions of wasted dollars in Ken Donesque architecture.

Better off looking at a postcard than paying for the airfare.
Forester #1 - That fulsome log looks great for the fire, it'll be heavy. The best I've seen in the southern hemisphere!
Forester #2 - No, methinks it'll be light. It looks great from afar until you get closer and can see that it's been hollowed. It looks a tad Sydney to me.
by Havencheese November 10, 2007
sydney is a mad city with heaps of mad shit! although they say melbourne people bag them and are up themselves, if you were to read most of the melbourne definitions you would see that sydney seems to be pretty pissed off at melbourne and bags the shit out of melbourne. so in the end (not bagging them ofcourse) sydney people seem the most up themselves.
person 1: dam those melbourne people, theyre shitheads, thiking they are top shit! its better here in sydney!

person 2: Hypocrit?
by guyman101 October 24, 2007
An Interpol detective specializing in clandestine operations going deep undercover to infiltrate Gaelic Clown Porn gangs. All Sydney’s have naturally occurring size 18 feet plus red noses and can be deadly with squirting flower at 30 paces.
“Hey Jacque put your pantaloons back on and let’s get back to the Big Top, the Ringmaster will want to know there’s a Sydney here, we’re busted”
by TheClown1 August 18, 2009
A large city in Australia, capital of the state of New South Wales.
Australia's San Franscisco, full pooftas and home to the gay and lesbian Mardi-Gras.
Wow... melbourne is so much better than Sydney.
by hanuman May 22, 2005
"SYDNEY" is a word with multiple meanings, that of which may be listed below:

Sydney (Pn) - A metropolitan area in Australia

Sydney (v) - To attempt to grab attention from men by

playing hard to get. " to pull a Sydney "

Sydney (n) - A colloquial slang term describing a young teen female who is short, dark haired and loud. Usually a godfreak.
" I live in Sydney "

" Poor kid, she's pulling a Sydney on him. "

" Man she's so annoying! "
" I know, she's a Sydney all right. "
" mhm. "
by McBaconator December 31, 2010

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