A Sydney is a name given to the name of a man's penis when you've known him for so long and find out he hasn't named his penis yet.
"You haven't given him a name yet...... Erm (touching said area) I now name you Sydney - the one eyed trouser snake."
by lobstercatcher February 05, 2010
She think she's ugly and fat, plays soccer, is medium-sized, and lives in a small town. Wants to be told she's beautiful.
"Wow, I can't believe that!"
"I know Sydney is a stud at soccer."

"Hmm Sydney looks pretty today eh?"
"Oh yeah."
by ilovecake October 11, 2009
That bitch is a hoe! She'll fuck amything that has two legs and a heartbeat.
"Sydney's over there making out with _______."
by meowimacat March 02, 2012
Sydney is so smart but she sleeps around too much!
by blank123fuckit July 07, 2011
A dumb whore with big tits.
Sydney's have an 80% higher chance of becoming pornstars.
by Drywall86 February 11, 2013
An absolute shit hole of a city located in New South Wales, Australia.

The city itself is a gray sprawling dirty hell hole full of the nation’s most arrogant people who have a constant chip on their shoulder and possess absolutely no ability to drive at all, regardless of how long they have had their license.

The attitude of most Sydneysiders is appalling as their rudeness and arrogance seems to have no bounds. The city is also full of hippie socialists who regularly cause major traffic disruptions to the lemmings who drive in this city thanks to their weed influenced protests.

Everything in this city is severely overpriced compared to any of the other major cities in Australia. Despite the sky high cost of property in this hell hole it is also Australia’s dirtiest city with graffiti and trash prevalent on every street and around every corner.

The only claim to fame this wannbe New York of a city has is its opera house and harbour, both of which are extremely over rated. The opera house is acoustically unsound and the harbour with its bridge is nothing special when compared to any of the other major cities in the western world.

The state government of this particular state is the worst, most corrupt and incompetent organisation to ever see the light of day. The aforementioned government’s running of the city’s infrastructure has created a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode with catastrophic failures that will bring the joint to its knees.
by alifjlaihliehliah October 06, 2009
A city in Australia who's people didn't understand why Melbourne was threatened by terrorists when Sydney wasn't. and btw Sydney is not much warmer than Melbourne in winter. get over it!
Sydneysider: why would neone want to bomb Melbourne? *sobs*
Melbournian: coz its the shiz
by melbourneroxmasox August 16, 2006

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