Capitol city of NSW. Inhabited by knuckle dragging morons and illiterate refugees, with a small fringe of pretentious new money snobs on the east and north shore. The city is ugly, poorly planned, run-down, overcrowded and expensive while offering little in the way of an acceptable standard of living compared to other Australian cities. The beaches are grossly overrated and look more like there English concrete encased counterparts. The only Drawcard of Sydney is the overwhelmingly mediocre Harbour surrounded by its retarder architecture and gaudy tourist shops selling all manner of tacky garbage with Ken Done's hideous smearing.
Has anyone noticed how much Sydney SUCKS?
by Hack Hater February 26, 2008
slang for ACID.
better to say clever things like "sydney" rather than acid or LSD while talking on cell phones
Is Sydney with you?
i.e. you got any acid
by Kayla B May 01, 2006
like to type ghetto, uses periods alot and does space period like "hey .", thinks shes the shit when really shes annoying, says she doesnt wear pushup bras when reaslly she wers air pushup from aerie and stuffs! Shes a brick face, had a shit load of freckles, wear WAY TO MUCH BLACK EYELINER, obbsessed with her friends best friends, trys getting at guys even though they don't lik her, know that shes "pretty" when really shes not that pretty, thinks shs cool cause she trys to bitch out people, thinks she knows everyone, has "deep talks" wit all of her guy friends, uses the word "awk" excessively, and gets butthurt about everything you say. very protective over her pups. she pushes her butt out in pictures. can either be your best friend or yourworst nightmare, TWOFACD BITCH.
" That girl is such a sydney"

by herbestguyfriend August 19, 2011
Sydney is a girl with a skunk stripe of color in her hair. She is into singing and photography and is very good at both of them. She is also a heart breaker, she uses guys so that she can break up with her stupid boyfriends. She is a big old slank that every guy thinks is beautiful, but truly she is an evil evil woman.
Goodness, that girl standing on the corner is such a Sydney!
by Funny Woman 1995 August 18, 2011
A total goody two shoes bitch who is mean to everyone but expects to be treated like royalty. very hateable, cruel,cold hearted, ugly, stuck up, all around bitch.. oh and couldnt ever get a guy or girl if she tried.
Girl: that stuck up bitch!
Guy:what did sydney do now?
Girl: being herself
Guy: Im so sorry, let me kick her ass :D
by honestyhurts.livewithit. August 04, 2011
Two faced person who constantly pretends to be a victim whenever anyone is mad at her. Someone whom is easy to hurt, a spineless poser, wannabe hard core music guru, completely oblivious to what doesn't have to do with her, opportunistic, moronic, and back-stabbing person.
Dude, Sydney was so out of it last night. She tried to be all over someone else's guy. What a bitch.

"Sydney is trying shit with anyone she can, she has no standards." "I know right? She's pretty desperate."
by PenisLightSwitch July 06, 2011
you know, so many sydney people think that all melbourne does is bag out sydney. if u look at the melbourne page, you will see that sydney has bagged out melbourne ALOT more.

hypocitical much?

The facts are:
sydney IS the homosexual capital of austalia.
sydney IS wetter then melbourne in terms of rainfall
sydney WILL BE smaller then melbourne by 2028 - because melbourne is so awesome people keep moving there!
sydney DOES have the highest crime rate of any city is australia
sydney HAS crapper food, entertainment, shopping, sport, style then Melbourne.
Melbounre IS rated second in 'the worlds most livable city'

Melbounre would have been the capital of australia had it not been of sydney. sydney had a hissy-fit coz it wanted to be capital. as a result, the shithole known as canberra became our capital. thanks sydney (Y).
SydneySider: "There is nothing to do in Melbourne'
Melbournian: "...Apart from all the national events (eg. AFL grand final, grand prix, australian open, and much more) not to mention many tourist sites. What is there to do in Sydney? Once you see a bridge and opera house there is nothing else (coz melbounre has all the events)."
SydneySider: "............."
by Melbourne is AwesomE! April 12, 2008

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