Pure beotch, defiently a big hater, but syd-ney is always lookin super cute. Syd-ney defiently doesnt care what people think. BIG A** HATA.
BOOM there goes a "syd-ney"
by syd.the.kidx10 April 26, 2011
A Sydney is a very exaggerating person she often lies to sound popular and cool. She enjoys diving and is an amazing diver and long distance runner. She hangs out with boys she likes.
Girl:That girl is such a (jerk)
Boy:take she's such a Sydney

Teacher: she is an (okay) student
by Best person ever lived October 28, 2015
Sydney is a fun loving two-faced chick. She is the popular girl at school, and the drug addict 10 years later. Don’t let her sexy looks fool you, she has another side to her.
Sydney’s hot as hell!
by FoxIt October 16, 2015
A fucking rude ass bitch who will do anything to ruin a relationship
Omg ,that girl is obviously a sydney😷😷😷😷😷😷
by a girl who u dont deseve r May 14, 2015
(Pronunciation: sid-knee) A female sex slave who goes by this name. She is owned by her respectful and amazing Master. She is not allowed to have an opinion unless her Master gives her the permission. The only opinion she is allowed to have is her Master’s opinion. She isn't even allowed to pick out her own underwear, her Master won't allow it. She follows everything her Master says and thinks. The slave is to do everything that her Master says and if she does not then she will be punished. She is a slut, bitch, whore, etc. Her Master can call her anything he wants to and can publicly degrade her for the girl she is. She is to follow her Master’s orders without question. Although some things she does have morals against, she does have her boundaries and her Master respects them. She tries her hardest to please her Master and make him happy. That is her goal, to give her Master pleasure. Her master requires her to masturbate in the college bathroom once a day.
That girl is such a Sydney.
Do you have a Sydney at your school?
Wow, Sydney do you even know what your own name means?
2nd Example: Slave supports her Master's opinion on females. All females should be sex slaves. They should find love in their master, not the other way around. The Master should also respect the sex slave and her boundaries. The slave should obey her Master and if she does not then punishment is up to the Master.
by MASTERANDROM April 08, 2015
A girl who would be considered a nerd in most places. She is amazing at spelling and art and loves to talk to cute guys. She makes a lot of racist jokes and hates being embarrassed. She is extremely musical and loves cats and money. She's extremely loving and caring and ignores her own problems to tend to others.
Eric: Dude, you can't date her! She's not a Sydney!
Nick: That's right, you can't find a girl as good as a Sydney!
by Murka September 02, 2012
A girl who can't get a guy on her own, so she chases other girls guys.
"I met a new guy today!"
"Watch out, there might be a Sydney around."
by 7824 June 13, 2015

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