A girl who can't get a guy on her own, so she chases other girls guys.
"I met a new guy today!"
"Watch out, there might be a Sydney around."
by 7824 June 13, 2015
A girl who would be considered a nerd in most places. She is amazing at spelling and art and loves to talk to cute guys. She makes a lot of racist jokes and hates being embarrassed. She is extremely musical and loves cats and money. She's extremely loving and caring and ignores her own problems to tend to others.
Eric: Dude, you can't date her! She's not a Sydney!
Nick: That's right, you can't find a girl as good as a Sydney!
by Murka September 02, 2012
Sydney has light brown hair and blue eyes that can appear gray. She knows what she thinks and isn't afraid to say and stand up for what she believes in. Awesome legs, great body. Fun to hangout with and stay up til 5 in the morning with on Urban Dictionary and Scrabble. Note: Very good at Scrabble. Owns awesome Spongebob pajama shorts. Funny but can have a serious conversation as well. Stays off YouTube for the most part, except for JennaMarbles and Kingsley. She loves to eat, if food were a person her best friend would be obsolete. Yet never gains any weight. When she does, it goes into her bra. Rock on. Very cute.
Sydney doesn't stuff her bikini top. Yep, it's natural.
by smileypajamapants July 14, 2012
A name of a city in Australia

A name parents give to thier son or daughter.
I live in Sydney, Australia

My name is Sydney
by waterbottle101 June 26, 2009
That bitch is a hoe! She'll fuck amything that has two legs and a heartbeat.
"Sydney's over there making out with _______."
by meowimacat March 02, 2012
A Sydney is a name given to the name of a man's penis when you've known him for so long and find out he hasn't named his penis yet.
"You haven't given him a name yet...... Erm (touching said area) I now name you Sydney - the one eyed trouser snake."
by lobstercatcher February 05, 2010
She think she's ugly and fat, plays soccer, is medium-sized, and lives in a small town. Wants to be told she's beautiful.
"Wow, I can't believe that!"
"I know Sydney is a stud at soccer."

"Hmm Sydney looks pretty today eh?"
"Oh yeah."
by ilovecake October 11, 2009

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