She i sometimes shy, but she has inner beauty and talent that she doesn't even know. She often is inappropriate, but not so much that no one wants to be around her. She has siblings. Often a rose hidden in thorns. She is to easily overlooked. She is very loyal to her friends. Every now and then make a boy fall head-over-heals for her. Often rejects boys, searching for the right 'first time' (if you know what I mean). Not often asked out, but admired by all, boys and girls. Has a French name meaning wide meadow (?). Is very beautiful, not hot or cute. Can also be described as gorgeous. Has too many friends to count. Or the other way around, too little. Has great hair. Eyes that can be described as weird and beautiful at the same time. Will take over your heart without mercy.
Your friends with Sydney right? Can I join your group?
by I know all about Sydney January 26, 2014
1. The cutest, nicest person ever who has a personality that everyone wants to get to know.

2. Someone who is vulnerable to getting their number given to some guy that likes her by one of her friends

3. Someone who will get texted tomorrow (April 21) about their birthday
Sydney walked by, making everybody gasp in awe.
by Mega Creeper April 20, 2013
Always been #19 in class to me. Sits in the corner quietly, pretending she is not important. Answers with a voice so beautiful and soothing that you'll just want to listen to it forever. Bigger-than-most boobs and long, muscly(big) legs complete the look of "the hottie with a body"! She keeps loyal to her close friends, and is extremely sexy, attractive, and B-E-A-U-tiful inside AND out. She earns over a 3.5 average, but is NOT nerdy in any way!
I fall short of her, me being only #15.
Classmate:"Is that Alyssa?"

Me:"No, that's my girlfriend, Sydney!"
by sydneymeinsen19 October 17, 2012
A smart, beautiful girl that could be stuck up at times. Annoying in some ways, CLINGY, and dramatic. Who always wants to make people happy, and tries to be popular. Sensitive in every way, and doesn't like being away from home. Can get jealous at times, and very rude. Has tempers and gets physical when she doesn't get her way. Makes up excuses and tries to lie about them, and tries to have every boy in the world.
Friend ; "wanna spend a night at my house?."
Sydney ; "I can't....i have soccer practice."
Friend ; "So do you wanna sleep over on Saturday?."
Sydney ; "I can't..I have to babysit"
Friend ; "-mumbles- excuses excuses."
by BiffleIsAwesome July 28, 2014
Pure beotch, defiently a big hater, but syd-ney is always lookin super cute. Syd-ney defiently doesnt care what people think. BIG A** HATA.
BOOM there goes a "syd-ney"
by syd.the.kidx10 April 26, 2011
Sydney has light brown hair and blue eyes that can appear gray. She knows what she thinks and isn't afraid to say and stand up for what she believes in. Awesome legs, great body. Fun to hangout with and stay up til 5 in the morning with on Urban Dictionary and Scrabble. Note: Very good at Scrabble. Owns awesome Spongebob pajama shorts. Funny but can have a serious conversation as well. Stays off YouTube for the most part, except for JennaMarbles and Kingsley. She loves to eat, if food were a person her best friend would be obsolete. Yet never gains any weight. When she does, it goes into her bra. Rock on. Very cute.
Sydney doesn't stuff her bikini top. Yep, it's natural.
by smileypajamapants July 14, 2012
A girl who would be considered a nerd in most places. She is amazing at spelling and art and loves to talk to cute guys. She makes a lot of racist jokes and hates being embarrassed. She is extremely musical and loves cats and money. She's extremely loving and caring and ignores her own problems to tend to others.
Eric: Dude, you can't date her! She's not a Sydney!
Nick: That's right, you can't find a girl as good as a Sydney!
by Murka September 02, 2012

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