Sydneysiders have quipped that ‘the only good thing to come out of Melbourne is the Hume Highway’, not realising that the same joke works in Melbourne as the highway links both cities. There has always been a friendly rivalry between the two cities, probably because Melbourne sucks. See how easy it falls from a Sydneysider? It probably originated because Melbourne had a ‘legitimate’ birth whereas Sydney was, if you’ll excuse the French, a bâtarde of a town, due to its convict origins.

Melbourne has always had a certain dignity and conservatism that Sydney has lacked, which is only something to be proud of if you have it. In the late 19th century both cities competed for national capital status with the southern capital billing itself as ‘Marvellous Melbourne’. This was parodied to ‘Marvellous Smellbourne’ thanks to the open sewers in the 1890s. Sydney would have undoubtedly been peeved when Melbourne won the 1956 Olympic Games and became the country’s sporting capital.

Of course, Sydney got her own back with the 2000 Games. And Sydney would have nodded knowingly in 1959 when On the Beach was being filmed in Melbourne and Ava Gardner reputedly remarked 'It's a story about the end of the world, and Melbourne sure is the right place to film it'. I think, however, that says more about Ava than Melbourne.

In a game of cards, Melbourne seems to have the trump cards while Sydney's bluffing.

Sydney leads with Darling Harbour. Trumped by Southgate. Star City Casino? Trumped by Crown Casino. Leichhardt for Italian food? Trumped by Lygon Street. Chinatown? Trumped by Little Bourke Street. The Golden Slipper? Trumped by the Melbourne Cup. Centrepoint Tower? Trumped by the Rialto. The SCG? No, the MCG takes that one. Central Railway? Not a patch on Flinders Street Station. Haymarket? Would be lost in the Victoria Markets. Live theatre and pub comedy? Melbourne takes another one.

So, in the end, Melbourne is the better city to live in. And FYI, our weather is not that bad at all.
Sydneysider1 - "When I grow up, I'm moving down the world's most liveable city"
Sydneysider2 - "Chyeah. Its better than this hole."
by Juzzzzz October 25, 2006
Top Definition
Perfection. A beautiful young woman desired by many, but she desires only one other. Fearing love yet wanting it. Amazing. Stupendous. Incredible. What else is there to say?
OMG! I am lucky to have Sydney
by mmhmmmMmmm May 03, 2008
An amazing girl. The most beautiful girl to ever walk the earth, hands down. Living in a tiny town, surrounded by idiots, she strives not to be sucked into their black hole of ignorance. She doesn't belong there, and needs to escape, soon, before its to late. Everyone she meets falls head over heals for her in an instant. Although very, very, veryyyy sarcastic, her presence is the drive that gets many through a hard day. She hits pretty hard, but if you can take it, the outcome is well worth it. She's nothing like you have ever met, because she's so incredibly fantastic. Nothing can stop her from being the bomb diggity times infinity, and she's definitely the bee's knees.

Ps. Her name spelt backwards is almost wendys


random little fact for ya.
Wow, did you see that girl sydney? She's so smoking hot, and she's so amazinggggg. I think I'm gonna ask her to bone.
by holyhellwhatsthatsmell? December 28, 2008
Sydney is unique in a very special way. Her love is one to die for, and her love will absolutely make your heart melt. Once in love, she is committed to the end. Sydney takes things VERY seriously, so one false move could be the end for you. But at the same time, she is very sarcastic. Although shy at times, she is very energetic. She absolutely knows how to turn a horrible day to the brightest day of your life. She is the type that hides the pain, and just wears a fake smile on the outside; only that one special person would know what is wrong, yet she will not admit it. No matter what, she is always positive. She is very insecure and sensitive but don't ever take advantage of that. Once you become hers, keep it that way. Once she lets you go, you're gone forever. She believes everyone makes mistakes, but no one could ever make the same mistake twice. Attractive, admirable, and VERY adorable. She has a very nice figure, not to mention her beauty on the outside AND inside. Loves to cuddle anytime of the day and loves to eat and sleep. Procrastinates a lot, and is VERY bipolar. Indeed VERY smart, but doesn't acknowledge it. Art and music is her passion. Laughs a lot, and will be very successful in her future. Flawless and strong willed. Great kisser and is the BEST in bed. Has VERY nice hair, and has a great sense of style. She puts others first before herself. She strives perfection. Sydney is one to die for.
Person #1: "She seems like a Sydney!"

Person #2: "Hey, I'm gonna go ask her!"

(Person #2 comes over and asks then walks back)

Person #2: "Yup, man! That's definitely a Sydney!"
by encyclopediaaa November 04, 2011
the highest degree of absolute bad ass and/or righteous-ness.
Cheese enchiladas are Sydney sauce.
by Anna face March 26, 2008
1. City in austrailia

2. A mature but funny person who dates older guys. Usally very sexual, and has wicked nice hair and eyes.
"Sydney was so funny last night"

"I can't believe Sydney's hair, it's so nice"
by woodstoveeeeee February 26, 2008
A girl who will talk to you every day and still enjoy your company. She's super cute and attractive, yet she doesn't see what others see in her. She is super funny, and likes to make lame puns. She makes you want to wake up every morning and make sure the first voice she hears every day is yours. She is the best friend you could ever have. Thousands of miles can separate you, but that can't get in the way of your friendship. The perfect girl. If you're lucky enough to find your own Sydney, don't let her get away.
Man, Sydney is the most perfect girl in the world.
by naynay1212 October 01, 2012
1. The cutest girl ever. From head to toe, inside and out she is 100% cute.
2. A very small girl with very expressive eyes who makes cute noises and hums all the time.
3. The prettiest most beautiful girl in the whole wide world.
4. Most likely to be found somewhere in VT or the northeast, but with hopes to travel the world.
5. A girl who is in love with macs. Don't even try to argue PC's are better with her.
6. A super polite and very chill girl.
7. Pretty much perfect, need I say more?
adj. "Man she's so cute. She must be a sydney."

noun. "Man sydney is so polite."
"I'm so lucky to be sydney's boyfriend."
by swaglikessyd415 March 20, 2009

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