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legend has it that 90% of them turn gay D:
Sausage fest!!!
Im sorry NSBHS are no better! In fact of every 10 students..
All are gay. O.O!
FFS what more dyu want

Only at sydney boys high school
#sydney #boys #high #sausage #fest
by UmmmIunnoChuckNorris? June 06, 2009
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A school which prides itself on being semi public despite not being able to compete with private schools. Cheats the school rankings system by making their Year 11 students do 2 Unit maths.

This school has very little to brag about as they often do not place in the Top 10 despite being "selective".

The ugly, dumber alternative to North Sydney Boys.
Hey is that guy from Sydney Boys High School?

Yeah, I hear he thinks he's awesome but his school sucks at sport!

Haha, good ole sydney boys.
#sydney #schools #selective #deluded #crappy
by SchoolMaster August 24, 2008
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