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The name given to the sex-gods who attend Sydney Boys High School. Students who attend this school are commonly known to kick ass in sports and rape so hard in academics that any being who stands next to one of these 'gods upon men' rage quit life and presume the life of a garbageman. All other schools kneel down and praise Sydney Boys High as their superior school and present sacrificial offerings to appease their betters. It is also widely known for them to have impressively sized schlongs.
Girl 1: Holy shit is that guy from Sydney Boys?
Girl 2: No shit, check out the bulge in his trousers.

Guy 1: No way, I've been playing tennis for 10 years and this Sydney Boys guy just comes along and bagels me. And he doesn't even play tennis. :,(

Russell Crowe: Bitch, I went to Sydney Boys.
by j-j-j-james June 06, 2013
school next to sydney girls - guys who go there look like fags coz of their baby blue jumpers. also very nerdy and most of them wear glasses. full of asians.
person 1: who are those freaks?
person 2: duh look at 'em - they got baby blue jumpers on - theyre the nerds from sydney boys.
by sydgirlsrock August 13, 2006
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