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witty, charming online celeb who enjoys cars, video games, and is a bit of a fanboy when in the presence of female celebrities.
funny, xbox, disney, Swoozie
by scififan May 18, 2013
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When someone lets out a fart that they've been holding in and a little poop slips out.
"I sneezed really hard and had a swoozie man where's the bathroom?"
by Basedmonkey March 15, 2015
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1 Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol.

2 Party harder than anyone around you.

3 To hook up with a dime

4 The combination of partying, drinking, and hooking up with one or more dime(s). See definition 4 of dime

5 Win multiple (3+) games of beerpong in a row.

6 Official nickname of Zachary from Marlboro. Also known as the "icon."
(1-4) I cant wait to get my swoozie on tonight.

(5) You see Zachary run those tables? Man, he got his swoozie on.

(6) Have you seen how big SwOoZie's package is?

by ZT HOLLA December 25, 2007
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whore,easy,loves bjs,and making her boobs look bigger than they are.
Alexis Lazar is such a swoozie!
by Coke Cero April 08, 2009
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