Muscular condition that exists after exercising. Symptoms include lethargy, swollen feeling, pain, tiredness, inability to move certain muscles in a normal manner.........the unquenchable desire to go to sleep.

It is generally associated with other sypmtoms called the "Hand Back Maneuver."
Working you biceps to the point that you can't use a fork to feed your own face.

Commonly used in a sentence: I work every muscle in my body and I got my swolliosis on. I have to put a "Hand Back" every time I sit down and my whole body feels swollen.
by SFOG's Ghost Writer June 24, 2011
Top Definition
Swolliosis is a medical condition in which the sufferer experiences a feeling of being too muscular for the world around them and, in some cases, the ability to lift too much damn weight.
Guy: Hey, have you seen Rahul lately?
Friend: No, why?
Guy: I think he might be suffering from a serious case of swolliosis
by CountryMack25 July 24, 2015

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