A group of guys that suck dick for money in the gym locker rooms.
Yo where is the swole patrol, I need a good sucking.
by the large johnson December 19, 2012
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A brother and sisterhood of Swolebodies, bound together by Muscles, Trust, and Protein. Always leaving a trail of destruction and wet panties.
Person 1: "Man that party was fuckin' wreckin! There was this group of swolebodies just tearing shit up!"

Person 2: "Yah I know, who were those people?"

Person 3: "How could you forget? Swole Patrol, dumbass. They were chanting 'SWOLE' and getting shit pumped the whole damn time!"
by Cassanova91 February 09, 2013
The Loyola High School football team
crespi kid: bro we just got raped
ND kid: yeah, thats the swole patrol for you
by bigdaddy777 June 12, 2010

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