The Nuetral one
I decided I am being switzerland.
by Nick s. April 03, 2004
Switzerland is a tiny landlocked country in Europe where everyone is conservative. Everyone there is a clean freak so everything must be sprayed with Windex constantly. The mountains take a while though.
Switzerland is a pretty rad country. Everything smells like Windex!
by Bry-shizzle August 01, 2010
beastly nation also known 4 their xenophobia! the home of the scorpions! and if u dont like the scorpions i'll kick ur butt here and now!
by Vash the Sexy Man November 26, 2010
Pussies who watch atrocities commited around them yet never act.
Britain: Switzerland, help! The nazi's are slaughtering jews and all sorts of other innocent people, we need you to fight.

Switzerland President: No thank you we're gonna sit here, eat our chocolate and laugh at you poor heathens.

Britain: Ok well once Germany has conquered all of Europe they will invade you.

Switzerland President: We will never be invaded, all of our citizens have guns and they will be able to fight off a fully trained and organized army!
by britainxx33 September 13, 2010
A country whose people think every good thing comes from themselves and the bad ones from the foreigners who live there.
1. Switzerland is a country which is obssessed with being "neutral"!
by schwitz May 20, 2005
Piggy bank of the world.
White, clean, conservative, bland, boring.
by Marquis de Carabas November 14, 2003

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