A country which grew as the cantons-to-be (districts) formed political alliances swearing to help each other defend their territories; thus "Eidgenossenschaft", meaning "oath-community". Soon this motley crew of still independent states set out to conquer more land and eventually become the mighty country known as Switzerland. It should be noted that this procedure resulted in a territory comprising roughly 2x the size of New Jersey but more sinificant to the average Swiss, a territory smaller than Austria or even Bavaria. This fact should not be mentioned mockingly by any visitor to this 70%-alpine country unless he or she is intent on finding out if every male Swiss really does still store his army riffle in the wardrobe.
Switzerland is known for its neutral attitude towards all sorts of events in world history, although it should not be forgotten that it did try to invade Italy in 1515.

Should any two parties choose to start a war, Switzerland will demonstrate its neutrality by selling weapons to both parties.
Switzerland, hero of song and story!
Switzerland, winner of ancient glory!
Fighting for the right, fighting with its might;
With the strength of ten, ordinary lands!
Switzerland, people are safe when in it,

Switzerland, only the evil fear it!
Softness in its eyes, iron in its thighs;
Virtue in its heart, fire in every part of
The Mighty Switzerland!

(probably the inspiration for "the Mighty Hercules")
by TheMightyPling! January 10, 2012
A small land locked country in Central Europe surrounded by epic mountains and a bunch of countries who have done some crazy shit in the past, all of which Switzerland has refused to take part in. Switzerland has relatively high taxes, but because of this the government can afford to let everyone be parents for a couple of years whenever they have a baby, then when that baby is in high school the government pays for him to learn his way around an M-16. This is why nobody has ever had a beef with the Swiss, or if they did they sure kept quiet about it.
"Switzerland has always had a military draft-they have to, because they're surrounded by bastards." -Dr. John C. Freemuth
by YAR! A pirate! February 02, 2011
Meaning : Neutral.

Because in the wars it was a neutral country.
Kaeleigh: Hey, do you wan't to go to the movies?

Devon: Sure.

Amy: Eh, I'm Switzerland about the situation.
by Caelidhtopp December 08, 2009
Country where even cow poop is neutral.
Switzerland takes shit from nobody but cows

cow poop country shit neutral
by The leader of the evil block January 12, 2013
A country of yodelling mountain goat herders and hot blondes named Heidi.

A country in Europe that never chooses sides in wars.
Switzerland makes good hot chocolate.
by Me August 16, 2003
European country, although not in Europe, Switzerland is home to people who live together but never speak to each other except on exceptional circumstances, however then in English (which is not an official language despite there are already 4 of them). Being a neutral country, the military service is mandatory and equivalent to about one year altogether for each male citizen. If neutrality was in need of protection, each male citizen has a military assault rifle ready for use at home. However, no one ever thought about using it to kill someone else: Swiss people are very respectful of instructions and were prohibited to use their rifle for military purposes.
Switzerland is considered a tax paradise, not because of its taxes (which are quite significant eventually) but just because the other countries would prefer that their citizens come back paying them in their jurisdiction instead of elsewhere.
Typical dialogue between two nationals in Switzerland:
- Grüezi !
- Désolé je ne comprends pas.
by Attorney^2 February 03, 2014
A neutral zone u take when ur friends r in a fight and want u to choose sides.
Person 1: "dude did u see the fight at last night's party?"
Person 2: "Yes! That was intense! The guys r asking me to choose sides do"
Person 1: "I'm being switzerland, I'm not taking any part in this!"
by French girl October 25, 2014
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