A small neutral country in central Europe, Switzerland is famous for lots of things, such as banking, chocolate, watches, weed and the Swiss Alps. Switzerland lies between Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein.

There are four official languages: German, French, Italian and Retoroman. These four languages differ slightly from the original languages, and there are many different accents spoken as well.

Though the city of Bern is being used as the capital, officially Switzerland doesn't have a capital. Zürich is the biggest city of Switzerland. Other well-known cities are Basel, Geneva and Lausanne.
Dude, I'm snowboarding in Switzerland!
by Sandros June 12, 2006
The America of Europe.

Refuses to ruin their beautiful country by joining the European Union.

The white spot in the middle of the map of the European Union.
Switzerland does whatever it wants and doesn't take shit from anybody.

Switzerland has the largest standing army in the world.
by Der_Kaiser June 20, 2010
Pricey Watches, Dirty Money, Good Weed, Cheap Discount Beer, and Expensive Fun are among the things to be found in Switzerland: a small, central European nation known for its wealth, the secrecy of its banks, mountains, and the extensive military defense lines. Every house has a bomb shelter and a military issue rifle as they have a draft. The pedestrian will note that streets tend to be dead by 10 and walking around you are confronted by walls and hedges. Everywhere.
"Hey man, if the world was going to fall apart where would you want to be?"

"Switzerland, without a doubt. I'd use the bank vaults to horde artifacts and books that we could use to rebuild the planet, and then sell it to people when the time is right."



"Hey, wanna go skiing this weekend?"

"Man, I can't afford to go skiing, I'm broke from trying to hit on rich Genevoise girls."
by otto von sauhund December 08, 2010
Switzerland is a beautiful small country in Europe!ITS THE AWSOMEST EVERRR!!!you better love it!!
Swiss Chocolate is from Switzerland!
by vanessa jenny lee November 20, 2006
*A European country.

*To be neutral; to be neither good nor bad, to neither attack nor be attacked; derived off of Switzerland's peaceful, stable nature.
"Switzerland makes cool knife kits, and is said to have lots of banks. ^_^ Then again I say that because I hear a LOT about how people deposit some of their money into Swiss banks."
by Dave June 16, 2004
1. A small, neutral European country.
2. To be socially neutral; not taking sides with mutual friends in a fight or stirring up drama.
1. I'm going to Switzerland in August.
2. Chase and Ami are fighting again, but I'm trying to be Switzerland.
by kenni! <3 April 28, 2008
Neutral, don't really give a flyin' fuck.
"Dude, I'm like Switzerland night now. I don't give a damn." Mike told Tom after seeing who did who at the barfight.
by Burpo De Slausheimer May 21, 2009

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