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1.The act of exchanging/trading dudes, the state of being gay. Attending a club and attempting to trade the dude one came in with for another dude. Swinging for fags. Also known as "Exchanging Dudes". This appears to happen at Studio 6 in Atlantic City, NJ.

2. Can also define what a previously unknown ho does when you're not around. Cheatin' (if it's your girl, or just trying to be a female playa (switchin' dudes).
1. We drove through the Short North in Columbus, OH, and it was the same as Studio 6 in Atlantic City, NJ!...They're switchin' dudes!

2. I was walking down the street with my boys, and one of the chicks from my lineup was seen SWITCHIN DUDES! HA HA HA!!! It's cool though, that's why you always keep a lineup (switchin' chicks).
#gay #swinging #cheating #fag #butt piracy
by Bebop Carlile September 27, 2005
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