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1. A person with intense concentration but lacking in intelligence to grasp the problem / situation at hand.

2. Extremely annoying well meaning person who cannot infer, differentiate or recognize paradox. Generally caused by cultural isolation and in-breeding.

3. A person who oversimplifies a problem or situation in such a way thereby masking the problem at hand.

4. A extremely dumb person, who is surrounded by other extremely dumb persons and therefore can only view the world in a dump-consensus.
Michael cannot understand that people have different ways
of doing the same thing. He is such a swiss retard.

The man at the checkout was so irritating, he kept asking me the same question over and over with a sick psycho smile.
What a swiss retard!

The man driving gave extra gas when he saw people were crossing the street against the light, was a typical swiss retard.
by gbradssg hujwsmu December 31, 2011