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A person who has so much metal (braces, retainer, etc.) in his or her mouth, that they are seen to have a "swiss army mouth".
Man #1: Hey, did you see that waitress? She's got huge cans!
Man #2: Yeah, but she's clearly underage, the swiss army mouth gives it away.
by Alyoyo August 09, 2011
A derogatory term for someone's teeth which not only do not match up to form smooth dentition, but are crooked, misaligned, growing in sideways or even on top of one another. This is like a Swiss Army knife having a knife, a saw, a toothpick, scissors, etc. But mostly the saw.
I met this gorgeous Vietnamese girl at a party, and we were making out, and she was about to go down on me, but I saw she had a Swiss Army mouth, so I said 'No way!'.
by dublAron February 22, 2012
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