When a guy hooks up with a fat girl, he's caught the swine flu.
A: I hooked up with that girl last night...

B: Dude, she's like, 200 pounds. You caught the swine flu.
by meh321 December 07, 2009
The H1N1 virus aka pig flu and the center of cold jokes among you and your idiotic friends.
A: *cough*

B: swine flu!

a: v_v *slap*
by Mamma Luigi November 08, 2009
1. A version of the flu that came to the US from Mexico that's causing people to freak out
2. An ancient affliction from The Odyssey that only affected men who landed on the island of Circe, a Greek lunatic goddess living on the island of Aeaea
1. If you don't get a swine flu vaccination, you will cause yourself and you loved ones to DIE!!!
2. When Odysseus landed on Aeaea, Circe gave all of his men swine flu
by roneplEElpenor November 04, 2009
Basically, it's a disease you get from doing any of the following activities:

outdoor sports
blowing dandelions
unprotected sex
opening doors
protected sex
eating (especially Mexican food)
being Christian,
but more being Jewish,
status updates on Facebook,
adding definitions to Urban Dictionary,
wearing clothing,
being naked,
being healthy,
having AIDS,
having the common cold,
keeping secrets,
telling people stuff,
not smoking,
and last but not least, getting the H1N1 vaccine.

Oh yeah, it's terminal and untreatable.
"I have swine flu." "LOL PWNED!"
by bobbitteer October 27, 2009
When your friend goes home with a fat chick from the bar.
Dude, I think Jeff caught the swine flu last night. That bi*ch was HUGE.
by Horse Cack October 01, 2009
to be used as a way to make fun of a friend for hooking up with an overweight woman.
Scotty caught the swine flu last night.
by Leather Neck September 02, 2009
The feeling one gets the morning after getting wasted and realizing they had sex with a fat girl.
"I got hammered last night, and when I saw what I woke up next to, I came down with a bad case of Swine Flu."
by mungraker May 31, 2009
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