A disease that is ravaging that land of the united states. Some say it is fake while others say that it is Obama's way to block up the border and stop the immigration of mexicans into america. (Even though he claims he is for opening the border)
While others blame former president bush saying that it is his fault that the mexicans created this disease because it is their revenge on us for not allowing them to cross the our lands.
Random Mexican 1:Damn essay im pissed off at them damn gringos for closing off the border

Random Mexican 2:Well homes what can we do

Random Mexican 3:Well them damn chinks came up with the bird flu.

Random Mexican 1:Damn pigs... wait, thats what we will call it. swine flu
by +2 April 30, 2009
A government smoke screen to cause fear and panic while they really are trying to put the fire out on other publicly humiliating news worthy topics.
If the heat's on Obama... it's swine flu on you!
by crazy 4 tennis April 27, 2009
an illness from Mexico that seems to be indistinguishable from the normal flu, and is more of a bunch of hypochondriacs parading around announcing how many symptoms they have up to date.

as much as everyone hates hearing these updates, secretly they're all is hoping someone DOES have it, so that school will get shut down and the make up days will be waved (preferably, for high schoolers, after prom and before graduation).
Evan: I have five symptoms of Swine flu!
Ashley: Oh my God! Not Swine! Eww don't cough on me!
Tom: Nobody has it, okay? (thinks to himself: but someone oughtta get it, wouldn't it be nice to have a free vacation....)
by emilioooo13 May 05, 2009
Sexual attraction and/or interaction towards obese and/or overweight people.
Yo, Gary has been having sex with nothing but fat girls, I think he has the Swine Flu.

Mary has been getting with a bunch of obese men. She definitely has the Swine Flu.
by Taco Shabazz May 06, 2009
Swine Flu is a miracle that passed from Mexico to the U.S. Because of it, public schools nationwide are closing, and you can buy two pounds of bacon for $0.99.
Jack: I have the Swine Flu!
(Schoolkids): HOORAY!!!
by Overlord Oozumpti May 13, 2009
Stupid Wetbacks Infecting Nearly Everyone
Swine Flu Came from Mexico
by AlCa May 10, 2009
1. A form of the flu causing an unnecessary paranoia in the general global public, especially America. The only people who have died from this illness in the 2009 outbreak, for whatever reason, are Mexicans. One of them came into the US before they died, causing everyone to flip the fuck out completely unnecessarily because now people think that there are swine flu deaths all over the United States, when this is in fact false.
2. The latest bad reason to not leave the house. See "bad economy", definition 1.
Teen 1: I can't go out tonight, my mom's scared of the swine flu.
Teen 2: So, you're under quarentine because... the flu is going around?
Teen 1: Yeah.
Teen 2: The hell.

Remember, kittlings. The flu by any other name... is still the flu. In this case, nothing more, nothing less.
by Game Cat May 01, 2009
Obama's attempt to rid Mexicans off the face of the planet.

Unfortunately, he forgot about the immigrants.
Obama: Yes! Swine Flu has proven effective I'm feeling awfully tired and my head hurts..*Coughs*..
by Gluttonous April 29, 2009

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