A disease that is ravaging that land of the united states. Some say it is fake while others say that it is Obama's way to block up the border and stop the immigration of mexicans into america. (Even though he claims he is for opening the border)
While others blame former president bush saying that it is his fault that the mexicans created this disease because it is their revenge on us for not allowing them to cross the our lands.
Random Mexican 1:Damn essay im pissed off at them damn gringos for closing off the border

Random Mexican 2:Well homes what can we do

Random Mexican 3:Well them damn chinks came up with the bird flu.

Random Mexican 1:Damn pigs... wait, thats what we will call it. swine flu
by +2 April 30, 2009
Meaning when the cops come down on your ass hard. Especially when under investigation or arrest.
Man nigga mickles got the swine flu all over his drunk ass.
by Steve Thompkins May 04, 2009
The feeling you get when you open your eyes in the morning after a long night of drinking whiskey, and realizing that you had sex with the unattractive, usually obese woman snoring next to you.
OMG Bro!! I am sorry you have the swine flu, but we all appreciate you taking one for the team last night.
by H-Town JrMafia April 30, 2009
A type of propaganda created by the news media and the US government to scare people into socialized medicine.
CNN newscaster: There is a HUGE pandemic called *gasp* the Swine Flu. If we don't act now, we are all going to be doomed. It said in the Bible that this swine flu in the book of Revelation might be the sign of impending armageddon. There are sick children in New York that needs this health care and they can't afford it.
Fox newcastors: Yeah, yeah, yeah...it is just the flu. We need to spend more money on kickin' Iranian ass and try to keep Israel from being distroyed. That will kill us off way faster than this flu.
by Kyle230 October 28, 2009
1-a pathetic excuse to create fear and a waste of tax dollars, formed by the FDA.

2- the term to describe what happened on Obama's election
My great grandfather once said "the day that a black man becomes president, pigs would fly". well, Obama; swine flu.

The swine flu has infected hundreds throughout the world with a nonlethal disease.
by america was good... June 12, 2009
A new illness that is being blown out of proportion so it will make us hate Mexico (where it is supposedly from)and have war.
Guy2:This is all Mexicos fault!
Guy1: Yeah! Let's go to war with Mexico!
by K.J.N. May 08, 2009
A type of influenza that originally affects pigs but somehow got transferred to humans. It started from Mexico in which some stupid Mexican probably had sex with a pig and got it. It is hopefully the virus that would ultimately eliminate all stupid beaners in the world!
John: Hey, did u hear Juan died from the swine flu this morning?
Ashton: Yeah? Damn, finally! Hopefully Jose is next!
by sime341 May 03, 2009
The kind of flu you get from hamjobs.
I heard that Melissa Joan Hart got the swine flu from giving out so many hamjobs.
by Justin Hamjob May 13, 2009
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